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Smartlipo Changed my Body and my Life! It is 100% Worth It! - Thessaloniki, Greece

I am a personal trainer and I need to have a fit...

I am a personal trainer and I need to have a fit body without extra fat. Last year I decided to go to Thessaloniki to have smartlipo treatment. The doctor who performed my treatment is very experienced and was trained in London. I felt very comfortable with him. He promised me that I would lose at least 5 centimetres from my thighs and he was absolutely right! I got the result I expected and I just love it! I have thinner legs! I want to share my smartlipo experience with every woman who thinks to go for it, but is afraid! There is nothing to be afraid of! It was painless and very safe.

Dr Dimos Psifidis

Smartlipo was painless, fast, and very effective! I had a very good result just after a couple of weeks! I chose Dr Dimos Psifidis after I did my research on internet about this surgeon. He was the only surgeon who performed more than 500 treatments in UK and he had just opened his new clinic in Greece! The overall approach was very professional, I felt I was in good hands!

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Hi Natasa,

Welcome and thanks for sharing your experience! Wow, you can definitely tell the big difference in your before and afters! How was your recovery period, following the procedure?

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Well, actually my recovery period was completed in a few days. As far as I remember, I didn't experience any pain or discomfort after my lipo. I had to wear a tight garment for about a week and this kept me out of work for this period, as I am a personal trainer and the gym is my life. I lost about 6 centimetres in each thigh in a month's time. I went back to the gym two weeks after my treatment, although I felt I could go back to work earlier, but my doctor suggested I should not do hard exercise and to wait for a couple of weeks. I also had a course of five or six lymphatic drainage massage sessions that helped a lot. I will ask the clinic manager to send me all my photos so I can post them here. I am really excited with my new legs. I feel so nice with my body now!
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Awesome, I'm so glad you got the results you were looking for! It would definitely be great to see all of your before/after shots!

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