These Procedures Were Very Painful

The injections were so painful that I had to take...

The injections were so painful that I had to take off from work. They made my stomch swell which was also very painful. After getting the injections my health declined. I began to have health problems I never had brfore.

No, it not worth the pain. Alot of pain with no gain, only plenty of weight gain. I gained about 40 lbs after starting these injections.

If you know of a class action suit or have had the same happen please contact me.

Dear Nwilson, The Illinois Attorney General's Office (Lisa Madigan) recently filed a lawsuit against several local Chicago-area spas which had been administering Lipodissolve. She is seeking to permanently close all of the locations. Maybe you can contact the Illinois Attorney General's office or the Attorney General's office in your state? Here's a press release (December, 2009) directly from the Illinois Attorney General's website:
I was just wondering what kind of health problems that were caused by lipodissolve. Were you allergic to the medication? I too had lipodissolve and didnt have any health problems, but everyone is different.

They were not truthful about their product. They tryed to get me to sign something stating I would not hold them responsible for my health.

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