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Wonderful Results, Could Not Be Happier

I had some sagging around my eyes and consulted...

I had some sagging around my eyes and consulted several doctors about some procedures that may apply. I decided to go with Thermage and I am VERY pleased with the results. About 1 month after the treatment, I could already begin to see some improvement and it has continued to improve as time goes on(I had the procedure done in Oct '07). Thermage was more than worth it. The pain was minimal and the results have been wonderful. The best part is that there is very little recovery time so that is another plus. It definitely beats having to go to a hospital and having surgery/anesthesia/1 week in a hospital room for recovery. I definitely recommend Thermage to anyone that is interested. If anyone wants more info on my experience please feel free to email me {edited} Happy New Years!
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Hi, Had the procedure done yesterday, and was just wondering how your results are coming along...I am excited, but sort of an "Instant Gratification" kind of girl - so hoping that it is truly going to work...May I ask your age? Please let me know how you feel about the results...Thanks! Susan
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