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The most painful thing ive ever exp.more painful...

The most painful thing ive ever exp.more painful than child birth tatoos. To c no result 2hours of pain a million needles going into your face/neck.

I went back to c if they would refund at least some of my money.I was told no way-i asked for photos to be taken and sent to me so i can take legal action-3 times now and they wont send them.

These so called beauty doctors have to be stopped.They smile and take your money but when you let them know there was abs no result they treat you very very rudley.

My Plastic surgeon scoffs at this proceedure face lift is the only way to go.So for only another $4000 i could of had a face lift.

Hi Therese, I can understand you. Our Thermage worked - but in the WRONG direction. To re-create my lost cheeks I now got stabilised ha. The PS said now with filler I dont look so ill. Yes, but the result is that all the other severe damaged areas of my face contrasts now more deprimising. And a lot of scared and dented tissue is now visible. I cannot avoid additional surgery. Terrible thoughts for a man. My wife got now the 3. ha filler (not so stabilized) that dont recovers enough but helps a little against the Thermage wrinkles. The worst is there were no reasons for this procedure - combines with false consultation and wrong treatment the doc in Germany damaged us both (!) and expects also very rudley the support of the selling to say he has made no mistakes because the device cannot hurt...
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