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I am 55 years old and decided to try Thermage...

I am 55 years old and decided to try Thermage after 4 months of facial peels and using various creams. What a difference! I had the procedure 2 months ago and my skin felt tighter immediately. There was a visable reduction in the lines above my upper lip within a few days. Jowls are mostly gone and fine-moderate lines are disappearing.

The procedure is painful. Feels like wasp stings. I received some mild sedation (hydrocodone and ativan) shortly beforehand. My doctor doesn't go for the anesthetic cream, as she wants feedback while doing the procedure. I go to a cosmetic dermatologist who practiced dermatology for several years before limiting her practice to cosmetic dermatology.


Hi, Anne. I'm just north of West Chester in Eagle, PA, and I'm considering Thermage for skin laxity in my neck and tightening for around my eyes. Who did your Thermage? You say "she" and "West Chester", so I'm suspecting Christine Sciara. I appreciate any info you have that you haven't yet posted re your followup results. Thanks, -Tracey
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thanks for that positive review. i think it really does depend on your doctor.
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