Hurt Like Hell

I was skeptical and thought I had wasted $4000....

I was skeptical and thought I had wasted $4000. But now two months later I have seen an improvement. I just saw somebody who I haven't seen for about 6 years and they said I haven't changed one bit.

I think that those who didn't see any improvement didn't have the frequency high enough as my Dr was brutal with it. I was in agony but he said it has to be this high to get the best results.


who was your doctor?
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That's exactly what my doctor said. And sure enough It hurt like bloody hell but I did get results. A year later though and my face feels like it's jello. Worse then it ever was. I fear I've suffered from irreversible fat loss. It's been almost two years since your post, how are you holding up Nik12?
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