Permanent Scarring - Do Not Do on Face

I can't for the life of me figure out why I let my...

I can't for the life of me figure out why I let my Doctor talk me into this. I saw the reviews and boards. It started out that he was just going to do my forehead to give me a lift, then he was just going to do the "jowl" area. It looked good so I let him do the rest of my face. BIG BIG MISTAKE. It left me with a permanent scar below my eye. It is about the size of a nickel and is indented. I guess this is what they call "fat necrosis" or "atrophy". Now I have to spend $500 every 6-12 mos. to fill this divet with juvederm, and you can still see it, because it is impossible to flatten it and not have it catch the light. Whatever firming it did was not worth a large, permanent, expensive scar under my eye. PLEASE believe these boards. The Doctors are leasing this equipment for a lot of money and need to pay it off. They are not an unbias source to ask - they are trying to make a living like all of us. Believe the public that are taking the time to warn others before they have regrets.
It is almost 3 years later than when I wrote my first post above and the indent is now barely noticable, although I still have a bit of filler lift it out. I have never gone back to the Doctor's office to do laser lifting, but did purchase a home unit called TriPollar Pose and do it myself. I can do it on a lower setting, only where I want to do it and it is so much less painful than Thermage. It you are diligent and use the device as directed it really works. It made a huge difference on my face, but it took a while for me to notice it (which is the same for Thermage as the effects of collagen building are delayed). In my humble opinion, it is is better to do radiofrequency treatments more frequently on a lower setting than the extreme heat of Thermage in one extremely painful session. Or, at least Tripollar Pose worked better for me without any of the negative side effects of Thermage.
This crazy. How the hell did they screw up such a simple procedure. I have come to the conclusion that these machines are fine, it's the operator that's the problem. Because I have has both SmoothBeam & Thermage done before & I LOVE the results. Thermage I liked because it shrunk my pores. They say it doesnt do that but I swear that's what it did for me & I NEVER had any occasional acne breakouts for a long time. That was 6 yrs ago, I am planning on going again but to the place where I get the smooth beam done. Reading posts like this make me nervous even though I've had the procedure done before. I guess I can go to the same place I had it done before (with no issues) to make me feel at ease....but damn this is sad to hear. Also you should use "fat transfer" instead of juvederm. Jevederm wears off and fat is forever, you'll just have to get several sessions until your face is all filled in and the fat cells have stabilized or survived.
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