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Painful & Completely Useless

The surgeon's brochure said the results would be...

The surgeon's brochure said the results would be permanent. AFTER the procedure, he said I'd probably need a "booster" in 6 months. I said the brochure said it was permanent and so did he. He denied it. I showed him the brochure. He said "Oh. Well, I didn't write that, the company did. They probably meant that it's permanent for as long as it lasts." Sounds like the Bush govt. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, it hurt horribly. I had to make them stop several times. Between the procedure & when I went back, I lost some weight, which comes off my face first, so it was significantly thinner, and I looked worse in the after picture than in the before & they admitted it. When I had it done I was in my late 50's. I suspect that collagen isn't so readily stimulated to grow when you're older (and he should know that & should have told me). So the procedure did me no good at all, and also I have little bumps (you can't see them, just feel them) under my skin where he applied the heating tip.

you get what you pay for! It reminds me of lasik - the people with bad results went to the cheapest dr they could find, normally using older equipment. Same with Thermage - they come out with new and improved versions every 6 mnths or so. My dr upgrades every time and is a facial surgeon. Paid $3300 for entire face and eyes with fantastic results. When you pay only $670, what do you expect???
Where did you have it done, I'm thinking about doing it and want to avoid the doctor who did yours. Thanks.
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