I've had severe acne & scarring for probably 15...

I've had severe acne & scarring for probably 15 years on my face and chest. I also had a lot of red splotchiness on my cheeks. After one treatment, the redness almost completely disappeard. I couln't believe it. Blemishes that show up are a shadow of their former selves (smaller, not red, disappear much faster). I had tried many, many things in the past to improve the situation but nothing worked until Thermage. It was a miraculous change for the better-much better!!


I had my procedure on Friday February 8th, 2008, I'm a 44 year old woman with 3 kids. After reading some reviews here I was skeptical and worried that I was throwing my money away. However, it was worth every cent. My 20 year old daughter was looking at my jawline and said she sees a huge difference and it looks like hers. I love the noticable difference I see in my face, it is tighter and smoother. The procedure was painful and the technician had to stop a few times, but I got through it. Would I do it again? Yes! Hopefully, they can prescribe stronger meds for the pain. If I see this big of a difference now after only 4 days, I can't wait to see the difference in a couple of months.
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Thanks for your comments that I read.  I was wondering if what type of results you saw after a month or two.  If you have a moment can you let me know. I had the procedure yesterday on my face and neck.  I went for the 900, which they said is the number of 'zaps'.  Ususally people get the 400.  I want to see results so badly.

Thank you for your time!

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