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I a full face & neck thermage treatment 1 year...

I a full face & neck thermage treatment 1 year ago. The results were immediately noticeable and still looks great. Tightened my jowls and gave me a jawline. 6 months later I went back and had the procedure on my eyes and am thrilled with the results. Several of my friends have asked what my "secret" is since I look so rested!

One important point--you MUST do your homework. This procedure requires someone who is well trained & experienced. Also, patient feedback during the procedure is important. You tell them whether it's too "hot" or not. I am a wimp about pain but, you can't expect results without feeling some warmth, so you must be well-informed about how the procedure works.

I would love to know who the doctor is that performed your procedure. I am in the Houston area. Thanks!
Under > PubMed you'll find (positive) literature about Thermage. But the chance for a useful result over mid 50 is strongly reduced. For sun damage I think > smartskincare informs more about undangerous procedures. A few days ago I had my first painful filler (10 ml!) only to restore a part of my face! Be very very careful - dont make our big mistake.
Thermage works. I think it works best before the skin gets too saggy or wrinkly. At 45 years I started noticing my skin didn't look as firm as it did when I was in my thirties. So I went to a very experienced doctor. I was very happy. It took about 5 years off of me. Two years later I went back and again I saw the skin take on a much firmer appearance. I went just recently for the third time after two years and this time I also had my eyes done. I am very happy with the results. I look ten years younger than my actual age. If I keep doing this every two years I may never get any serious wrinkles. I am using it as maintence. It really hurts but no pain no gain. I take a couple of differnet pain pills and a relaxer that the doctor recommends so it makes it bearable.
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My doc was very honest about what to expect and explained the procedure in detail.

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