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Incredible! Do Your Homework and Choose the Right Doc

I a full face & neck thermage treatment 1 year...

I a full face & neck thermage treatment 1 year ago. The results were immediately noticeable and still looks great. Tightened my jowls and gave me a jawline. 6 months later I went back and had the procedure on my eyes and am thrilled with the results. Several of my friends have asked what my "secret" is since I look so rested!

One important point--you MUST do your homework. This procedure requires someone who is well trained & experienced. Also, patient feedback during the procedure is important. You tell them whether it's too "hot" or not. I am a wimp about pain but, you can't expect results without feeling some warmth, so you must be well-informed about how the procedure works.

Denver Dermatologic Surgeon

My doc was very honest about what to expect and explained the procedure in detail.

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I would love to know who the doctor is that performed your procedure. I am in the Houston area. Thanks!
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Under > PubMed you'll find (positive) literature about Thermage. But the chance for a useful result over mid 50 is strongly reduced. For sun damage I think > smartskincare informs more about undangerous procedures. A few days ago I had my first painful filler (10 ml!) only to restore a part of my face! Be very very careful - dont make our big mistake.
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Thermage works. I think it works best before the skin gets too saggy or wrinkly. At 45 years I started noticing my skin didn't look as firm as it did when I was in my thirties. So I went to a very experienced doctor. I was very happy. It took about 5 years off of me. Two years later I went back and again I saw the skin take on a much firmer appearance. I went just recently for the third time after two years and this time I also had my eyes done. I am very happy with the results. I look ten years younger than my actual age. If I keep doing this every two years I may never get any serious wrinkles. I am using it as maintence. It really hurts but no pain no gain. I take a couple of differnet pain pills and a relaxer that the doctor recommends so it makes it bearable.
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I also live in Texas and I'm finding it difficult to get good recommendations for a doctor. It is hard to do the homework, because I can't tell if the office staff is giving me all the right information. Are you still pleased with your procedure? Would it be inappropriate to ask what doctor you used? I am interested in having my tummy done. I live about 80 miles south of Houston.
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Has anyone in their late 50's early 60's tried this procedure? I'm considering it, to remove sun damage. I also have vitilego on my face - could this be dangerous? I get comments about my nice complexion, but I'm beginning to see the results of suntanning in the 60's & 70's
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Our doc, who damaged us seriously caused 2 years ago by his Thermage treatment, said that he made no mistake. So it does not have to help us. Some month I thougt that I got no visible damages - contrary to my wife. So for us this risky procedure changed our life so negativly and dangerously we never thought. However the problems with our eyes are very miserable - the function and the visible.
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Thank you for getting something out about doing your homework before you go in for this procedure. So many reviews seem to come from those who have not done just that or had unrealistic expectations. I had my thermage 5 months ago and I am thrilled. I just recently had someone who I had not seen in months just stare at me and finally just looked at me and said "you look great, what are you doing"? It is subtle and just what I was looking for.
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