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Face Looks Different and Older

I had never had work done on my face and I had a...

I had never had work done on my face and I had a chemical peel. I loved the results, but my doc talked me into Thermage. She insists that it isn't hot enough anymore to do damage. I have a very thin, almost sunken face. I have not been happy with the shape of my face since Feb. 2008 when I had the Thermage done. And it's progressing. I look about five years older than I did b-4 I had it done. It doesn't look as horrendous as others describe here, but it's changed the look of my face. The doc says I'm wrong, but my friends and family agree with me. I dont know how to make it better.


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I was considering thermage but was told that it can actually melt away some of the fat or plumpness of the face. So, I am opting for some facial fillers to plump, tighten and also lift my face. I will let you all know about the results...Best wishes
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I know.. I feel for you. Same situation here. Skin feels loose all over. I see pictures of myself just 1 year prior to the procedure I was 41 and I'm somewhat shocked at the transformation. Prior to the procedure people thought I looked early thirties..Face was firm and had cheeks. Now at 42, 1 year later and I look closer to my age. Face has fallen and feel like I'll need to go under the knife soon - as each day passes It feels like it's getting worse. Try facial exercises it can plump up your cheeks and firm your neck somewhat but yes, I'm afraid we have to live with this terrible decision. Still searching though for a natural remedy. If anybody has one please post
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