Thermage Erased Years Away

I recently had gone to wedding when I saw the...

I recently had gone to wedding when I saw the pictures of myself and relies "Man I'm getting old".

I am 52 and physically I am as strong and with same energy as when I was in my 30's. Well that not the man I saw in the pictures.

I had seen the results of thermage with a friend . The results in my own face are amazing. I'm 7 to 10 younger looking. Money well spent.

I had thermage on Dec 4, 2008. The docotr did not perform the procedure but a "qualified" anesthian did. first of all, I called ahead and asked if I needed someone to drive in case I needed something for pain. the answer ws no, nothing needed for pain. It took 5 hours and she kept stopping and starting and apologizing. She could not do it at the level it needed to be because it hurt so bad. She said they should really advise patients to take something for pain before they come. Awful experience and a waste of $3100. Not one person from the office has called to inquire and check the results. I think they know the answer already!
Dr. Stacy Davies

Dr. Stacy Davies

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