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Thermage Arms and Sides - Kirkland, WA

I had thermage on my arms and sides to tighten and...

I had thermage on my arms and sides to tighten and firm the skin. My arms have underlying muscle and not a lot of fat but the skin was loose and starting to have the faint pucker of cellulite.

The thermage did NOTHING. My provider then suggested mesotherapy (at no extra cost to me) this also did NOTHING except leave me terribly bruised.

I think thermage is a crap shoot.


I couldn't wait to have thermage done on my face and eyes. Unfortunately, at the consultation I wasn't told about the pain I may experience. I was barely able to make it through having my eyes done, then we stopped the procedure. I couldn't go through with getting my face done. Too bad I've already paid for this treatment, so now I feel like an idiot who gambled away 2 grand. Oh, and I don't see much change in my eyes either.
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I had a similar situation and completely agree. THERMAGE IS A WASTE OF $$$. I have always had "larger" arms. I am overall petite but could never get my arms to slim down, no matter how much i sweat or how many light reps I did-the massy arm look never went down-it just got bulkier! I always look "buff" and that's not really the look i'm going for, especially when i know it's not muscle. So i had the thermage on my arms to try it out and spent $3K to look exactly the same but only having to go through the pain of the procedure (which is very uncomfortable). And it's been 6 months since the procedure, so yes, i did wait to see NO results. Arg!
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Procedure didnt work.

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