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I have used Botox with good results so I decided...

I have used Botox with good results so I decided to check out Thermage. Truthfully, I allowed myself to be sold and was told the pain medication would make the procedure comfortable. This was a lie. The medication did nothing and it felt as if the tech was touching me with a hot poker.
I was rigid with pain and had to stop several times which meant I could not get the full affect. I was horrified to hear from the tech that this is considered normal.
I am in the medical field and this brings up a philosophical
problem I have with this procedure and those who administer it. My pain was ignored. In my field we are compassionate and sensitive to each individual. If a tech cannot feel empathy for someone who is in pain, this reflects a loss of humanity from someone I considered (wrongly) to be a health care provider. My results were poor and I would recommend no one participate in such a ridiculous "procedure."


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I feel for you. You should insist they give you a repeat procedure using IV sedation along with Xanax and Percocet #10. Prior they shoukd use a BLT topical anesthetic for an hour prior. This will make the procedure bearable at a strong enough level to be effective. Never let a Dr your paying an outrageous price tell you the pain is "normal" or that you should just deal with it. This is 2013 not 1901. The Drs are being brainwashed by the laser companies and very incorrect treatment guidelines claiming there is no pain.
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