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Thermage Bad Experience - Long Island, NY

I went a while ago to get my lips done and the...

I went a while ago to get my lips done and the stuff told me about this miracle treatment thermage which is so controversial . So the doctor did the lips and he sent a nurse to do the rest. She finished rolling a laser-kind of- all over my face in 5 min. It was hot and pinching .

As fast they rush to charge my credit card as fast they were rushing me from the office . I felt like someone stole my money. Terrible feeling. In 30min my redness came down and I was able to drive myself home. I read here some had great results but all I remember was huge regret.

The Thermage inventor should pay us back every single penny for false promise .


They might have told you the procedure was Thermage but you don't roll anything with Thermage. They place the handpiece on your face and push a button that last for 1 second. They repeat that about 600 to 900 times. So you need to go back to office and ask them what procedure they did on you.
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Wow, interesting - thanks for sharing that Cindi!

HI MZi, 

Yes, unfortunantly the community has mentioned similar issues with the procedure. Why did they say Thermage would be better than another treatment? We'd love to know how you are doing now. 



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Alexander Covey

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