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Zerona - Happy with Results

I did 9 zeronas and was very happy with my results...

I did 9 zeronas and was very happy with my results. It really did allow me to lose about 5 inches and I lost about 5 lbs with that. I found it gave me energy and each time I got a treatment I felt good afterword. It's been about 4 months since then and I have lost motivation to watch what I eat and drink so I'm going to do another round before the holidays. They have come down in the price and now also give 12 treatments so it's even a better deal now. I would recommend it to anyone who is motivated to follow the rules because it really will work if you are not a couch potatoe.

Body BeneFits

They have been in my area forever and are very knowledgeable and have great hours and people.

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