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I Overcame my Fears and Glad! - The Woodlands, TX

I had botox in the 11 lines between my brows. I...

I had botox in the 11 lines between my brows. I have always had a tendency to furrow ever since I was little watching TV or looking at the computer. My creases were at times so bad I would get "tan lines" in the sun if I relaxed my forehead. The lines had recently started showing up in pictures and I knew I had to do something to at least keep the creases from getting worse if nothing else. I'm only 34 and not looking forward to a wrinkly future!

It turned out great and I am not totally frozen. I could probably use a little more in the horizontal lines but I like a little character :) I will definitely keep up with between the eyes though!


Hi -
I live IN The Woodlands so I'm sure we're not too far from each other. You should know that I went to one of the ten best ocular plastic surgeons in the US. His office is in Houston. A few hours after receiving my injections for glabellar lines and crows feet I became extremely ill and was eventually diagnosed with botulism. I have been ill now for 13 months and it's not over yet. There are women suffering with botulism due to botox all over the US and abroad. Please look at the RealSelf forum "Flu-like symptoms after Botox" and read the devastation and suffering that is going on right now. Also - your doctor is supposed to show you and discuss with you the information in the patient medication guide each and every time you go for a Botox injection. Generally doctors don't show this information to patients because it lists risks that have been, up to now, witheld from us. The FDA made Allergan disclose the real risks involved with Botox in 2009 when they made the company put a black box warning on the label. The risks that are now mentioned are distant spreading effects which, in Allergan's own words, can cause botulism and also reveals that we are putting ourselves at risk for hepatitis, HIV, and Jakob-Creutzfeld disease. I have had Botox injections before and didn't "think" I was having any symptoms but now know that I was having problems listed in the patient guide well before my last injection over a year ago. With my last injection I came down with full blown botulism and have a doctor's diagnosis to prove it. Botox, no matter what they say - is pure poison. Also - your doctor is supposed to ask you what medications you are taking because there are certain medications that might cause a bad outcome. Not only that but you are supposed to take the patient medication guide to all of the physicians you see after receiving Botox because they could prescribe a medication that would also cause complications. If that's not enough to make you think - you are supposed to show the medication guide to your family and care givers so that they recognize the symptoms of botulism if you begin to show them. The guide tells you that if you have the symptoms you are to call your doctor immediately. Well, that's laughable because we ALL have been lied to regarding Botox risks for so long that doctors have NO IDEA what the symptoms of botulism are and how to treat someone who has it. I ended up at Herman Memorial after calling 911 because I could not breathe. Thank God I got to the hospital on time. There are some that don't make it.

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I appreciate your concern and warning of the risks involved in this, as well as any procedure. However, I don't feel that I have been lied to as I feel it is my due diligence to fully research items that may effect my health. I am aware of the risks and will continue to evaluate these risks in all aspects of my life. Best of luck to you in your recovery.
Hi there, i Google botox and see your post, i live not far from woodlands, and want to get a nice successful botox treatment done, would you please tell me about the place you went to, i would like to contact them! Thank you so much if you could provide the info
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