Mini Tuck/scar Revision (Without Muscle Repair) After 2 C-sections

I had a mini tummy tuck without muscle repair with...

I had a mini tummy tuck without muscle repair with liposuction of my abdomen and flanks almost 3 weeks ago. She took out about 1200 cc's of fat, which she said was about 2 1/2 lbs, mostly from my flanks. I had an ugly raised scar from my previous c-section and she was able to place my scar in the same area. It's just a little longer, but I can tell will be flat and not very noticeable once it heals.

I'm very pleased with the results. My belly button is not pulled tight and is in the same place as before. I was physically fit before and she said I just had a lot of excess skin from my pregnancies. I'm excited to get through the healing process and be able to wear a two piece bathing suit again with confidence.

The Woodlands Plastic Surgeon

She is excellent! She would not do anything that would look unnatural. I highly recommend her!

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Hi TMW, Just wondering how you're feeling now that it's been a couple of months. Was it worth it? I'm scheduled for the same procedure in 10 days (mini tuck, without repair), and I'm starting to get really nervous. How was your pain after? I work in a VERY physical job, but I've got 3 full weeks off work after, and then I'll be at a desk for a couple of weeks. I timed this surgery with another surgery I'm having to repair an injury, but I'm nervous the injury will be fully healed before I'm ready to return to work. I'm not telling anyone from work (including my boss) about the 2nd surgery. Any thoughts?
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is the 2600 all you paid for both? dont know if i need the tuck but want lipof ro sure. thanks !
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That was the cost for the surgeon for liposuction with a skin excision. (I didn't have muscle repair.) But then you have to pay for the surgery center and the anesthesiologist.
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Hi, are you sure the price that you did is $2600 b/c I just called Dr.lahiri plastic surgery's office and they quoted me $5700.00. Or I have to talk to her personnally to get the accurate quote. Please respond back. Thank you
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That was the price for just Dr. Lahiri. Your quote might be the price with the surgery center included, which I think was about $2000. Are you having other procedures done at the same time? I also had a breast lift with implants, but on the quote it showed the regular price of everything and then a discount for multiple procedures. I highly recommend Dr Lahiri though. She's really great and has you come back often to make sure everything is healing properly. I've heard of some doctors who only see you back a few times. I had my procedure done about 8 weeks ago and I saw her every week for the first 3 weeks and then every other week. Then in another month. Her office staff is great, especially Jeanne, her nurse. They make you feel really comfortable. Good luck with everything!
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are you sure and which two did you pay for .
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