The Threads Broke...twice!!

When I first had the procedure (2007), I had 8...

When I first had the procedure (2007), I had 8 threads; four per side. As a woman of color, my skin was not wrinkled, but I was getting those deep lines from nose to mouth and a bit of sagging. The pain and the swelling was horrendous for about two weeks; that's when I woke up to find one side of my face looking like a stroke had hit it. The threads had broken. My doctor agreed and replaced 2 threads per side.

Today I look almost the same as I did when I started; the only differences are the new dimples (not pretty!), the "seam" lines that sometimes poke out, and...I'm still paying for it. Can anyone help me to recoup at least the money I lost? Fortunately, my self-esteem has gracefully recovered, and I am ready to join in any class-action out there.

I am ready to join a class action lawsuit! I had the contour thread lift in August of 2006. What was supposed to be done within an hour turned into a 4-hour procedure and intense bleeding. I went home and threw up all night. Within a few days, one side of my face was drooping and my eye was partially closed. I went back to the doctor who told me that perhaps I had Bells Palsy. The droopiness lasted for a few months and finally started to look normal. I had the weirdest sensation in my hairline where the incisions were made and if I pressed on one, pain penetrated to the back of my head. Before long, I had a few bumps on my forehead from the sutures obviously coming loose and moving up my face. It has been almost 8 years and I am not sure what to do. A plastic surgeon said he could try to remove the sutures but it will leave me with scars on my forehead and cost a pretty penny to have done. He told me the contour threadlift had been taken off the market. I have pictures of my face after the procedure and I looked like a monster!
I am ready for a law suit also. Mine broke and have infected my face.
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He was capable, attentive and fair.

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