I Want to Have Bigger Lips, This Will Be my First Time! Help Me out Please - The Netherlands

I want to have a lip augmentation (juvederm) but...

I want to have a lip augmentation (juvederm) but I'd like to know which one I should choose juvederm 2, juvederm 3 or juvederm 4 ? And what are the differences between them?
I want to get my lips done in The Netherlands and this wil be my first time.
I'm also wondering if it hurts a lot..



Thank you Angela! Do you have any pictures ? Greets Sara
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No I dont , I had on vile used it was enough . Im going back in 2 weeks for a touch up. My Lips still look good from October. Good Luck!!!
I have had Juvederm 4 injected above my upper lip and fold line in my face. I have had great results , it really doesnt hurt it's more like a sting. Just keeping applying the ice and you will be fine. Be sure not to take any blood thinners for about a week before and after treatment this stops bruising> It last's up to 8 to 10 months. Good Luck ! Angie from South Florida
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