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Just started Invisalign yesterday so it's been...

Just started Invisalign yesterday so it's been just over 24 hours. My teeth, mouth and throat are sore and I dread pulling the trays off to eat or drink. Oh, and I'm getting a headache. I need to figure out how to file these things down, I think. That said, I'm not a former braces wearer, and I'm told that is much worse. And I'm guessing it will get better over the next couple of weeks unitl I switch to the next trays. I have 18 trays and one attachment in all. Wasn't told until I went in to get fitted that there would be 3 months of retainers after that! Oh well, I paid for it so I'm going through with it. Just wondering about the lifestyle change- I know that some people out there must "cheat" a little? For the day to day I don't mind only taking them out briefly to consume meals, and I'm even prepared to give up my "coffee all morning" habit. But does anyone have experience with maybe having a few clear cocktails for an evening out and just taking the trays out after to brush? I'm going to say it's worth it, but just because I'm trying really hard to be optimistic!
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I just got mine a week ago and they are great! Easy to use, take out and I haven't found it difficult to brush/floss more often. Glad I chose them over traditional braces =) Funny thing is though when I do take them off, my teeth feel naked and I can't wait to put them back on. Good luck on your path to a pretty smile!
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Im considering getting invisalign through an orthodontist, however im not too set on the whole idea quite yet. does anybody have any suggestions or comments that can help me decide?
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Hi Dramagal, I know it's hard to believe but it gets better. I am just starting my 2nd month, and the absolute worst time was the 1st 2 days. You do get used to taking them out and snapping them back in. I do admit, though, that you aren't alone with the initial dread of taking them out to eat...and then snapping them back in. I dropped 2 pounds the first week. I did have one set that had a rough edge. It was at the back on the bottom, and was roughing up the side of my tongue. I refined that rough edge with a file from my nail kit..and all was better. I don't cheat, btw. I'm keeping mine in the mouth about 21 - 22 hours a day. I have taken them out for a beer one night, but went to the restroom, rinsed my mouth (with some mouthwash I carry), and right back in. I keep a toothbrush and paste in my drawer at work, and carry a set in my purse. It does get to the point you don't think about least that is my experience so far. I'm keeping my eye on the results..a beautiful smile, which I've never had.
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