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I have never had any boobs apart from when I...

I have never had any boobs apart from when I breast fed always wanted to have a boob job but never had the money. My ex husband was never bothered he wasn't a boob man anyway so never felt un attractive to him and he didn't make me feel un attractive. When we parted it was like a new lease of life for me :) i have thread veins too so I decided to get my legs done with the maintenance money I was starting to receive from him , my
Legs were awful and never showed them off :( then I met my husband who Is a dream always made me feel special so I never got round to getting my legs done ( that's how he made me feel) even though his ex wife was very busty he never made me feel uncomfortable. About 3 weeks ago we had a short break and whilst we were bike riding out of the blue I said to him what would you say if I said I want a boob job and my legs done and put it on the credit card?? He said sell the caravan then you can !!! We talked and I said I had always felt like it but never said anything my ex had also said it was a waste of money. So I have sold my caravan and got boob job scheduled for the 26th April :)) there is a lady on here called just Jodie when I see she had the doctor I was going to see I had already made my mind up and cancelled my other consultations (Jodie was right he is gorgeous lol)
That is not the doctor obove that I am seeing as you can see he isn't easy on the eye lol . Google dr Mario Russo hospital group
Congrats on your soon be having NEW BOOBIES!! I hoe everything turns out great & that you at least go 2 cups bigger or more to get your $$$$ worth. Kinda curious What type of implants?
Hi I'm having natrelle under muscle, thank you I'm excited :)

I week to go

One week today I will be in the travel inn waiting for my long awaited op, excited not nervous ( at the moment) :)
I've always said I wish I had waited till I had kids to get boobs. Wish I bloody had x
Good luck ;)
Good luck with everything. It's totally worth it, you will be so happy! Btw what are your stats (height,weight,current bra size)?

Tomorrow's the day!

Excitement has turned to worry main worry .. I want to wake up silly I know but that's all I'm thinking. Stomach in knots but still a little excited :/
Try.....go u xxxx
You will be fine. That's all I worried about too. Make sure u rest lots afterwards and don't do no lifting ect. Good luck. X
Thank you how are you now x

New boobs nearly here

Laying in the bed waiting for my new boobs ..2nd on the list so not long now :/

Not too bad

I ended up having them over muscle and so far not in too much discomfort worst part was having drains out so far, felt sick and dizzy after op. Didn't see mario after my op and was disappointed to be honest I think I should of got a visit. Now returning home :)

Day 2

Been to see nurse today wasn't happy about dressing under left boob was very hard and I didn't want it rubbing on my incision also my right boob 'squelched' when I moved my arm nurse said it was normal. Not enjoying the fact I can't do what I want as I'm not very good at sitting still lol :/

Day 4

Just want to be back to normal, cant sleep properly at night I'm stiff , I can't cough or do all the normal stuff :/ they seem to be taking ages to settle my left nipple still numb scars are itchy. I have started to take ibuprofen now as the co codomal has made constipated and blotted and I can cope with the pain now.
Awww it won't be too long now Hun. Scars are crap when itchy mine still are. I'm 3 weeks post op on one boob lol and that still sore to touch. Big hugs xxx

Day 6

Got my appointment today with nurse feel so much better today there finally
StartIng to settle :)

1 week post op

This time last week I was about to have my op a very excited me! Now a week later just trying to deal with the changes, I feel brighter this morn im going to town with hubby to check out some bras ( think it will cheer me up) he has had a good look and 'feel' this morning and loves them lol :)

New boobs

you're still very early! chin up! they're looking great for early post-op! ((hugs))
Thank you I'm so pleased with them now and if I do say so myself they look so good :)
Oh they are beautiful, he has done a great job,the will drop a little and once they do you will have the best looking boobs...I cant get over that there are not any visible stitches..Rest up,once again they look great..I am going to have mine later in the year after ten kids I deserve it..

11 days post op

Ok so it's been such an up down feeling but I've actually had a good day today :) I spoke to russo's co ordinator and she has answered some questions that were bugging / worrying me. I'm going to add some pictures tomorrow cause I just looked at them in the mirrow and said wow to myself :)) my new gripe is it now feels like both my boobs have been rubbed with sand paper!! So sore but look normal :/ nipples sore too feels like circulation has been cut off by a bra 10 times too small lol is this normal??

They look so good

Feeling quite happy :))
Wow, you look great!! They look great in the side view shot.

17 days post op

Feeling like there mine little by little :)
So nice and supple looking! You got a great job there! :)
Thank you so much x
They look good and really natural;)

3 weeks

3 weeks ago today I was groggy after surgery lol I wish I could go back and go bigger but most of all I just want to feel my left nipple it's still numb grrr
Love ur results! what size did u go? What size were u b4? Did u get HP Or Moderate+? Hope ur doing well ;)
Hi there I got 365 but wish I went to 400 :/ I was a 34 a and I'm not sure what I got I'm going to see hospital group tomo for my 1 mounts check so I will ask x

Love them

Taken from in my garden
They look great Angel, and I can't feel either one of my nipples;-/
looking amazing, and i know you'll be even more in love when they D&F and fill that lower pole :)
Hi what does d&f and fill that lower pole mean :/

Left nipple still numb :(

Hi there I'm now 9 weeks post surgery the only moan I have is i still have a numb left nipple I wish it would come back :( there still quite firm but they are great better than what I had expected as I was convinced I would have problems. My breast size at he moment is 34 d I was hoping for dd though I have had boob greed but I think that Is the same for all of us lol x
Mr Mario Russo

Mr Mario Russo lovely surgeon very nice bed side manner and very easy on the eye ;)

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