I Loved and Doing It Again

I have gotten a body wrap before it was the best...

I have gotten a body wrap before it was the best thing ever! Let me explain something first. A body wrap does NOT make u lose weight. U stay the same weight u were before. Wat it does is tighten ur skin so u measure a smaller number. I did the body wrap because my body was a rectangle. I had no shape at all. So it basically sculpted me a small waistline to show. Now I have always been a chubby girl. All my life I have been a size 12. Now I am a size 14. My stomach looks different so I have ordered the "perfect body wrap lite " off a groupon. I am going to try it this Friday I hope to get the same results that I did before at the spa at home. I will post a review for that.

I like that you explained that the expectation with a wrap shouldn't be to lose weight, but that is a way to temporarily tighten your skin. I think that will really help set realistic expectations for people. Though a magic wrap that could help us drop 10 lbs would be fantastic, knowing that this is something to consider for when we need to get into a form fitting dress is great. Thanks for being real about what to expect. :)

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