Vascular Compromise - Boston, MA

About eight months ago I had Juvederm injected...

About eight months ago I had Juvederm injected into my nose to fix some asymmetry caused by a fracture. It was a minor problem so I thought a simple procedure could help increase my self-confidence a bit. With a little bit of research I found a doctor in Boston who provided such a procedure. I contacted him and scheduled an appointment a few weeks later.

During the day of the procedure I talked to the doctor and he informed me of the duration of the filler and that it may leave bruising for a few days. He however, neglected to mention any side effects including the one I experienced quite some time later "vascular compromise" (covered soon). After the injection along the alae of the nose, I noticed some front-view asymmetry. The injection certainly fixed the initial 45 degree view issue but also left me with bruising that wouldn't fade. In fact the discoloration seemed to get worse.

I had a follow up visit two weeks later. I still had discoloration on the side of my nose which I brought to his attention, asking him why it didn't subside like I was previously told. His response was "sun exposure". I work nights and try hard to avoid the sun because I care greatly for my skin and limit my UV exposure so I wasn't sure if that were true. I thought perhaps I simply bruise easily and it could take another month to subside.

My biggest mistake was requesting another injection in another area (above the dorsum). The doctor gave me the OK and fetched another syringe. As he was injecting, I asked if he were using half of a vial again but, apparently he was using a full vial. I was a bit concerned but he assured me it was normal. After the procedure I paid another $700 and I was out the door. Immediately as I arrived home I noticed my entire nose has become red and vascular. Not just parts of my nose but my entire nose becoming more and more red. My nose and parts of my cheeks have become numb.

I wasn't able to contact the doctor immediately due to a Holiday, I left my number and waited for him to contact me. Two days later I receive a call from a secretary who let me schedule an emergency appointment. I scheduled an appointment two days later but at this point, there was scabbing growing between my eyebrows and the pain was very debilitating.

Finally I attend the appointment and received some nitroglycerin paste for vasodilation and relieve the pressure. I frequently applied it and eventually the proliferating damage ceased. The doctor told me the post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation covering my entire nose could subside in a few weeks (Lie #1)

Two weeks later I consulted the doctor requesting treatment options: Tri-Luma and Fraxel. I asked how long could this resolve naturally without treatment? He replied "Possibly a few months" (Lie #2)

I tried thin layers of Tri-Luma as the doctor prescribed but was left with horrible irritation. I couldn't tolerate it and I considered the second option "Fraxel".

Over the course of two months I avoided mirrors and and grown tired of the questions regarding my nose. I contacted Ishoo about Fraxel, he felt it would rectify my issue so I set a consultation.

We discussed Fraxel and he claimed it could help the scarring on my forehead and lessen the redness by 80%. I felt confident that this may help so I went through with it. He took my concerns seriously and even gave me a free Isolaz treatment for the blackheads I've been dealing with on top of the everything else. It's there where I met a laser technician who's an MLE (Master Licensed Esthetician). She performed the Isolaz treatment and discussed Fraxel with me. I felt assured I was in good hands and the outcome would be a success.

The scheduled procedure was three months post the filler injury and on the day of the procedure I chickened out and cancelled the appointment. The technician contacted me explaining to me that I have nothing to worry about and I should disregard what I've read on RealSelf. I decided to reschedule another Fraxel appointment next week (BIG MISTAKE).

Upon arriving the technician knew I was nervous and told me I have nothing to worry about and promised everything would be great. I ended up getting a full face treatment. The 1927 nm wavelength was used but was extremely painful even with the numbing cream! I felt as if I wanted to faint post treatment and the pain lasted hours.

The results of that treatment was distorted skin texture, worsened redness, more broken blood vessels and it's been five months since my Fraxel and my skin texture has been completely destroyed. I'm talking about orange peel, dips, rough, crepey mess that doesn't get better.

I was lied to....I was told Fraxel would help a vascular issue while Fraxel isn't a laser designed for Vascular problems (red pigment). To this day 9 months later, my nose is still a red mess from the filler injury but with gruddy texture as well caused by Fraxel. Nothing ever seems to get any better. My face is scarred by the laser while my nose is stained.

Lies after lies...
Be careful where you get these procedures done. Non-surgical treatments in the hands of the greedy, deceivers can cost you your face.

Amount it cost:

Two non-surgical rhino injections $700 each = $1400
Fraxel (Discounted by physician) = $500

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I'm so sorry you had to endure all that. I just had a nonsurgical nose job with juvederm to correct an implant I had placed in my bridge last year which left my nose with a depression in the middle. My new doctor was very competent and did a great job. She was a dermatologist, by the way, and not a plastic surgeon.
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To the staff of I'm trying to remove this thread for that I have been threatened with a lawsuit by the doctor who performed the procedure. I find this to be insane, but unfortunately if this thread isn't removed; I will be sued.
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It is funny how this doc tries to blame the patient after he injected a blood vessel with the filler and caused the problem. I have heard of this happening before. Some unethical docs are bringing in non-FDA approved juvederm and Botox from out of the country to try to save a few bucks. The formulation is different and can cause problems. What kind of Juvederm did he use?
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Wow, really? I'm honestly not too sure what kind was used.
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Hello: Unfortunately the above account is far from accurate and if you would allow me to post your true pictures of our before and after treatment and the factual account of our experience with you. Patient's lack of proper disclosure and persistent non-compliance are always the biggest challenges to providers. hope you find the help you are looking for.

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then post them
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There's seriously no point. The after photo was taken prior to the second injection (the injection that caused the compromise). Therefor, it wouldn't matter anyway.
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So are you ok now, how long did it take to go away
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The PIH hasn't gone away. Still dealing with post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. I'm monitoring it and it doesn't seem to change much so I'm guessing maybe a year or two more before things look better. It takes time.
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I too would like to see these true before/after photos.
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I do not recommend Juvederm to be injected in the nose as a non surgical rhinoplasty option. Although injecting a blood vessel can happen to any doctor injecting under the skin, there are ways to minimize this risk. 1st- technique: insert needle to the end and only inject when you start moving back toward the insertion site. Easier to show than write. 2nd: The type of filler to use.. Radiesse is preferred hands down. Juvederm is way too thick for this delicate area, hence, the issue with vascular compromise. Hope this helps.
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bullshit artist!
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Is this really an appropriate post? Do any staff members want to chime in here?
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I'm sorry. I initially thought you were referring to me.
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