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I just came from my plastic surgeons office and...

I just came from my plastic surgeons office and saw the before and after pictures for the first time since my surgery last March. My husband had told me this morning that I had forgotten how I looked before and he wasn't kidding!! I could not believe the difference.

I am absolutely THRILLED with my implants and would NEVER want to go back to being flat chested. I do not have large implants. I am a small C cup and I did not get implants to hang them out of my shirt or for them to stand out in a crowd. Very few people even know that I have them.

I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

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Hi, I want BA but I'm so nervous. I'm 39, 5'5 and 110lbs. I had 3 kids and went from a B cup to not quite filling an A cup. I'm thinking a full C but will that be to big for my small frame? I'm not looking to draw attention with cleavage, I just want to satify me and feel like a women. Any suggestions or advice?
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Thank you! I'm still thinking about it, haven't decided for sure yet! Lots of things to consider, replacement in about 10yrs. and all. I'm glad you're happy with your results!
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Hi: The cc's vary from person to person because each person is a different size to begin with. Actually, each breast on the same person usually varies in size. My left breast is larger than my right breast. If I were you, I would make SURE that you tell your Plastic Surgeon EXACTLY what you want....When I had my FIRST surgery, I casually mentioned to my Plastic Surgeon that the one was larger than the other one...what I SHOULD have asked him was if he was going to make the OTHER breast LARGER so that they would be EVEN. I took it for granted that he WOULD make the one larger to match the other one. I was lucky that my doctor made it right for me with the second surgery. To answer your question, I am happy that I am now a full C, SMALL D. I weigh MORE than you. In my opinion, I would consult with a GOOD Plastic Surgeon and see what HIS opinion is. I think that it needs to be what is proportional and what looks good on YOU. If you are thin with enormous breasts, it sometimes tends to make them look fake and I don't think that is what you want. I think that a full D would have been too large for me.
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I'm 43 and about 5'6, 130ish, so a full C would be how many cc's? So do you wish you had gone to a D size?
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GO for it!! I LOVE mine and after having them would NEVER want to be small again. A full C/small D is what I am now and it looks MUCH more proportional. I am 5ft.5inches tall. I have had three children and am 52. My only regret is that I didn't do it MUCH, MUCH *SOONER*. Also, I wish I would have LISTENED to my daughter who tried to tell me to go a little bit LARGER because after the swelling went down I was disappointed. (the first time that is) I think that as long as you don't go too large, you will not look "fake". A FULL C is the most requested size according to a Plastic Surgeon in my area. It helps to bring a picture of what you think you would like to look like with you to your doctor's office. Also, they are making TEMPORARY implants now that you can put into your bra to try out the size in advance. Good Luck!!
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I'm considering this surgery, had 4 kids, which all I nursed and I am now a 36B, I would like to be a full C or even a D but don't want to look "fake" I have a small frame! I've heard that you should go bigger, because after the swelling has gone down, you will look smaller! Glad you're happy with your results!
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Good for you! I did the same. i am only 2 weeks out. But i was a Full A and got 250cc. it made me a B. Not sure how Full yet, being that i am still healing. I actually wish i went to 275cc. I spent so much money on them- i wish i wasnt so scarred, and went a tad larger, to be a small C. But, It feels wonderful to not be flat. So- i completely understand. My Husband was also shocked, he never realized how small i was till i got my implants (even though my implants are very modest) its still an improvement.
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I wish that I would have LISTENED to everyone who said to go LARGER than you THINK you would like to be. I was afraid to go large during my first implant surgery because I had been a VERY SMALL B all of my life. Just a week ago, I had BOTH of my implants replaced. One of them was larger than the other and the other one needed a larger implant so that they would be even. I deceided to go a tad bit larger and I am glad that I did. I am now a FULL C, instead of a SMALL C and I like it MUCH BETTER!! It is taking some getting used to though. The good thing is that they are not going to shrink because there is NO swelling. The SECOND time is MUCH easier than the first!! Congratulations on your new implants!! I would not want to go back to being flat. It will get better and better and I hope that you are happy with them. Try not to beat yourself up because you didn't go larger.
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