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The Best All Around Face Brightener

Go for this before you consider the frozen face of...

Go for this before you consider the frozen face of Botox. The eyes are the first place to show age. You stop looking like you are angry and tired all the time.

If you get only one plastic surgery procedure in your lifetime this is the one. I had big baggy upper lids starting at age 30. I've had them done twice. Once at age 35 and a slight touch up at age 48.

p.s I got a professional discount as I am a nurse

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yes, please...what surgeon did you use? I'm in Miami as well and have been researching who to do my blepharoplasty surgery with. There seem to be a lot of goods ones but it's kinda scary not to be 100% sure..
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Please name your surgery provider. Others that look for a good P.S. appreicate it.
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