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Thanks for the Eyebags:(..........

All my life people have commented on my under eye...

all my life people have commented on my under eye circles.

so a friend who worked at a dermo office in Beverly hills told me about the procedure. i have gone there before for fraxel treatments & seen the celebs coming & going.. so i thought why not?

I left looking.. ok... but has time went on... i had two large BAGS of what look like fluid under both eyes which i had been told would subside after a few days ! After weeks there was no difference so i called the office and the same nurse said to keep massaging and it will go away:( Not to mention it took away for my cheek bone structure! i just did not look like me:(

WAAAAAAA!!! it has been 7 months & i am ONLY starting to look like myself again.

it is the worst! & lets face it most people get surgery to REMOVE the bags to look younger.

i LOVE my circles, i mean they are the contours of my face, my cheek bones are almost back;)

The doc I get mine from (in lips)does not reccomend under the eye injections. Because this is an off label use and risky use of the filler and adverse reactions can occur. Have that removed and find another alternative to a filler maybe fat injections/ grafts or blephroplasty? Make sure a board cert. plastic surgeon is used for anything done fillers, surgery, lasers, etc.
I have Juve bags also. It has been 6 months and I am tired of waiting,so i am going to have it removed. Who did yours?
I had Juvederm injected in my undereye area almost one year ago and I still have the dark spots below the undereye area. The filler left "bruises" below the area I had filled. It doesn't cover with concealor. I don't know how long it will last, but I won't do it again!
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It is not what you think, it creates flaws that are not even there. i looked like an alien

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