I will be in Thailand to get a TT and lipo at the...

I will be in Thailand to get a TT and lipo at the end of the month. I work in Afghanistan and will return 2 weeks after the procedure. Question is i wear body armor when i move from camp to camp in Afghanistan and it weights about 25 pounds. Will that be a major problem? I will only have the armor on while flying in helocopters. So i would need to have it on for 60 mins max.

5 weeks Post Op

I was curious on the swelling...Is this normal for lower stomach to look this way? I even got more stretch marks! This is not looking too good! My stomach looks so big!

before the TT/MR/LIPO

I look bigger post op then before the TT


My belly button also looks like a dogs anus...I am hoping that is just because it's still healing..



Almost 6 weeks Post Op

Morning after the gym
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It is completely for your stomach to be bigger for awhile, it is swelling which can lay for up to three months on average or more. It will get better but the only way is with time. I'm still swollen myself, it's frustrating to not see your final result immediately but there's no way around it lol. What uou are probably seeking is the stretcj marks that were higher up before and are now lower. Wish you a speedy recovery and take it easy.
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Sorry for all the typos. Hope it's still understandable
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Oh No, wouldn't do it!..... Body armor 2 weeks after a TT.... Not a good idea! I am 3 1/2 weeks PO and my body is still kinda swollen and sore.....Wearing body even for a short period of time is going would be tough and could irritate your incison/bb which could lead to possible infection!!! I'm ex-military, no way, no how! Just being honest! You can also post/ask your question on this website and PS will provide you realistic answers...and if u get an infection, regular MD's might not want to treat u... I say wait until you are back in the U.S. Best of luck!!
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Lets put it this way- if you haven't given birth your self to children LOL. I looked at your username and realized your probably a guy!
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Do you need muscle repair? After a month of reading on this site that seems to be the deciding factor. I haven't had kids, so didn't need muscle repair - but he " tightened" the muscle. I was ok at 2 weeks, and could have worn a 25 lb vest for 1 hr if I wasn't also having to do something like be very physically active at the same time.
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