23 Days Post Double Eyelids Surgery - Thailand, TH

23 days after surgery. My left eye is look...

23 days after surgery.
My left eye is look weird, is the cutting problem for inner left eye so become like that? Or i need to do revision for my eyes? And my eyelash is poking straight out, not natural at all. The cutting of crease right eye is longer than left eye and both eyes are not balance, become one big one small. The cutting seems too high also. I'm so worry about it.
Is this all because still swelling?


You should talk to your doctor, but I'm sure the swelling has a lot to do with it. I look like I have a lazy eye but I know it is because of the swelling and will go away.
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you still need to wait as 23 days after surgery is hardly enough time to tell the proper results of a surgery, and def way too soon to e thinking about a revision. i say give it 2-3 months and hopefully you'll get the results you want.
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Thanks for your information. Well, i'll give another 2 - 3 month and hopefully can get well soon.
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