Im still torn between stem cell fat grafting which...

Im still torn between stem cell fat grafting which is being performed by surgeons in thailand or buttock implants.

With buttock implants i do feel this is a permanent, more garanteed solution to my problems, however i have also been doing my researching regarding buttock implants, and as much as people should do their research in their surgeons, you should do more research yourself about the procedure - iv spent a few weeks studying the equiptment, methods, studies of complications, proper implant placement and patient assessments and consultation evaluation which usually only the drs would have any knowledge about, and I personally think its VERY important you as a patient know what YOUR surgeon will be doing.

They have standard protocols and methods for procedures, but as a surgeons experience advances she/he will often find new ways, methods and techniques for doing buttock implants, and some could provide better results than others, even though they are both certified.

you have to remember small details of the procedure that you think is important may not be as important for the surgeon, and with plenty of information to inform you about, its only natural some infomation can be forgotten at the time of consult - after all, where all human, so for me its important as a patient to be aware of the whole procedure, from muscle groups, veins, arteries, aswell as result of implant placement.
I think if more patients where informed regarding implant placement, incision locations, seroma facts, the equiptment and tools used alot more people would be satisfied with their end result.'

so far iv learnt the location of implant determines the area which will be augmented. the mid and lower buttock which contribute to the "round" buttock you wish to acheive cannot be done through implants in the intramuscular region as its to close to the scarum nerve, and very dangerous. These are things you should know before going into a procedure, as the drs wont always tell you, or will just assume upper buttock fullness is all you require. If your knowledgable about minor details such as implant placement, incision location / type, and how the augmentation is conducted, one can question his/her surgeon prior to surgery and ask "what about the mid / lower pole?" or "wont i have a pointed upper buttock"in which they should be able to address the concerns.
Not having the entire buttock region filled is one thing im worried about with butt implants, as i also want the full round look, but im unsure how i can acheive it with such little body fat, and i dont want the implant over the muscle as it will sag with age and has a higher complication rate :(

If i have fat grafting / stem cell grafting im aware i cant acheive much volume, and would be more contoured with the little fat i have. I noticed alot of surgeons here have said how no clinical studies in HUMANS have proven stem cells to assist with preserving fat in fat grafting, but a study and trial has been done using human fat injected above the skull of mice as babies and the fat was measured and it appears to have some positive results with fat retainment. If it was regular fat grafting i would pass it up and say implants but although it hasnt been proven to work in humans yet, i dont see why the cells would work differently in the body of a mouse than the body of a human who has an even larger blood supply available. -

as you can imagine with my research im going to be some surgeons pain in the ass with my questions hahaha. As im going to Thailand for the proedure (i dont trust australian surgeons, and the prices are rude) i have to find a surgeon in bangkok who specialises in butts - which has made my search even harder - do i risk the complications and possible unsatifactory results with implants, or pay for the stem cell fat grafting, but not have that much a dramatic change?
Hiya, I'm also reviewing butt augmentation in Thailand. I'm aiming to go in August. Can you please advise if you have chosen a surgeon?
i sure have, i will update my review to share the info :)
Congratulations on the start of your journey. You seem to be well-informed which is essential when having surgery. The best of luck to you!

surgeon selected

it's been a while since Iv done an update.

As mentioned above I was torn between fat grafting and buttock implants, but as I'd prefer the guarantee of a change, Iv decided both is best. The unfortunate thing is I have to see two different Surgeons. Reason being is because the "stem cell" fat transfer I mentioned in my previous review is only performed by a few surgeons in Thailand, and the surgeon I selected for the implants does standard fat transfer but not stem cell fat transfer.

Regarding the surgeon I have selected for my breast and buttock implants is Dr PIchet from Bangkok plastic surgery. Unfortunately due to him having a similar name to another dr in Thailand he's often mistaken for another surgeon with less favourable reviews, especially on the Australian plastic surgery forums, you mention his name, and will be told all sorts of stories, but take the time to do your research and you will see those who discredit Dr PIchet are infact referring to the wrong Dr, or are simply going by a "I read somewhere that...." Without any evidence or proof other than their inability to spell his name. I did find two negative reviews on this Dr written done by two transgender patients who are unhappy with final vaginal depth during SRS and have made it their goal to spread the negative review on every site (even this one). Just a check of the dates posted and IP address shows it the same persons who wrote the negative review that appears when you first google his name so I'm not going to get caught up in silly misconceptions, I did my own thorough research, and have learnt the truth,aswell as how damaging some people can be, to the point where they are on this website commenting and warning people of fake botched surgeries they didn't even have.

Why did I chose a Dr with an "apparent" bad reputation
1. The negative reviews are simply done by the two same people, but as they appear at the top of the google search, it's the first thing that is viewed, people are naturally going to be hesitant, and spread the word. As well as confusing dr Pichet with dr pichit and dr pitch

2. Dr PIchet may have two negative reviews but the procedures mentioned are not even remotely similar to what I'm having done

3. Dr PIchet has thousands of good reviews, even on this website, so the good reviews out weigh the bad

3. Every surgeon would have at least 1 unhappy patients at some point, it just depends on how understanding the patient is, or if they will see to it the dr never works again. Surgery comes with risk. Complications is a possibility.

4. Dr Pichet has being patient enough to answer every one of my questions and concerns. He has accommodated all my requests, aswell as provided me contact emails for others who have had the same procedures, and they all seem ecstatic at his work and skill. Iv also been shown photos of his work. He didn't palm me of to his secretary which is important.

5. After researching I noticed Thailand had a seminar on buttock implants a few years back, and DR Pichet attended this seminar which updates the surgeons skills

6. He is internationally board certified and in good standing with his associations.

7. In the case of complications, the surgery is repaired at no charge.

So after all these points, I don't see why I wouldn't chose dr Pichet for the implants,

The fat transfer will be done by dr Sompob Sansiri at SP clinic. Originally I needed to gain 3-4kg to have enough fat for the transfer, but I mentioned my biggest fear is him not removing it all during the fat harvest, so he suggested after the fat harvest, he will go over the areas with Vaser lipo to remove the extra fat, plus Vaser hi def on stomach muscles. Sounded pretty good to me, so the plan is to have fat harvested with the water assisted lipo first to keep the fact cells intact, flanks, saddlebags / inner /outer thighs, waist etc then while puting the fat through the process of extracting the stem cells, I'll be having the Vaser lipo to be sure all the excess fat is removed and my buttock is shaped.
Then I'll be having the fat injected to mostly shape the buttock on the sides, where the implant won't reach. So it basically to contour the booty really.

Then after 3 days I will see dr Pichet who will perform the additional procedures, as you can imagine, I'm going to be very sore following surgery. Iv organised an apartment during my stay with extra furniture so I can push two beds together and leave a gap where I will put my butt, and lay on my back during recovery.

I'm soo fricken nervous....oh and in between that I'm getting my teeth crowned, so I'm going to be a whole new me. I just prey it all goes to plan.

Haven't really discussed sizing yet, but as I'm 5" tall and 98lbs I'm a very small girl, so a big 500cc butt on me is very unrealistic. The photos I post with this review is me, before I start gaining weight - once I gain weight it will be very oviouse to see where my fat stores are - sadly not the butt, just all around it. I currently have NOTHING in the buttock region, it's all in the saddle bags and love handles lol so for me, even the smallest implant combined with reshaping is going to exceed my wishes, of course a little bigger would be nice, but I don't wish to open myself to more complications by choosing something to large for my body type.

Regarding breast implants, I breast fed for two years, so I got used to these massive milk monsters on my chest (DD) on a small girl they look huge. Before breast feeding I was a size b cup, but since Iv ceased breast feeding Iv shriveled to an A cup. I feel so....light, but less feminine, and more boyish so I think a natural looking D cup will be a good choice
Wow, that review is awesome and you are wonderful to share so much with us. I've been looking at different Dr's sites and researching implant manufacturers etc myself and must admit there is some conflicting information out there. I think that solid implants are the way to go (not filled) and the round ones have the least amount of issues with movement or turning etc. I need to research way more before I do the procedure but it's a start. I've looked at a 'specialist' in Sydney and he's quoting $17k, and I have a Dr appt with Dr Briggs in Perth here next week. Dr Briggs is quoting $13k. I have a couple of concerns 1) If you pay top dollar & do it in Australia, how many have they actually performed? 2) If you go to Thailand, chances are the Dr has done heaps of them but you can't fly home for 3 weeks? I don't know that I can be away for that long so I'm torn. Will keep you posted on Dr Briggs. Keep me in the loop for you! Oh, meant to say that I am 6ft with breast augmentation (DD). Had a surgeon at Surfers Paradise who did the augmentation and he was awesome. I have the best boobies in my neighbourhood I am sure ;P
That's soo cool, I'm also in Perth. I find surgeons in Australia a rip of. Dr Briggs used to do my mums Botox I think. I'll have to ask her who did her breasts as she had them done it Perth, and they didn't turn out to well. Plus on a separate occasion she had to have a cancer removed from her intestines and due to surgeon error and ignorance, she nearly died as her organs fused to her diaphragm- she cried in pain so they just used more pain medicine rather than get to the cause, long story short the pain was caused my numerous things, and it wasn't until she was going delirious, 43degrees, and having heart issues they decided to rush her to intensive care. Needless to say I'm scared of Australian surgeons hahahA. But at least you have had a good experience so far with Aussie surgeons, so that's a good thing. Regarding the implants, I think the best ones to use would be what they are using in Brazil... I don't think it's approved by the FDA in the USA yet, but it's softer than silicone, yet it's cohesive gel so it can't leak. Good thing about THailand is they don't have to worry about that stuff, and they are already using the European cohesive implants. I know that they we're not long before being FDA approved in the USA so perhaps they could be by now I'm not to sure. I also read a thread where a lot of the girls were happy with cohesive implants but disappointed at the outcome of silicone... I'll have to find it....I'm unsure what they meant by cohesive, or silicone, I thought the silicone was a cohesive gel at first lol. I can't wait to have a feel of the implant. Good thing you get to see dr Briggs, so you can get an idea of the brand and type of implants available in Australia. Iv decided under, or in the muscle for sure, nothing to large, as much as I would love large, I was born with no ass, so if theirs anything to large in there I doubt my body will heal so well. Yeah the only issue I had was the fact I would have to be away for 3 weeks, but Iv never left Australia before so figured what the hell.... It will be fun. I spent ages looking for accommodation and decided the best bang for your buck is an apartment rental, a lot cleaner than a hotel, no fees for additional things such as Internet, TV etc and because it's someone's apartment it's well looked after. The apartment I'm staying in is awesome for the price, 40" TV with Internet, 32" TV in spare bedrooms, wooden floors, clean etc. it's owned by a friendly and very rich guy named Scott who lived in Hawaii and owns a shitload of properties. I'm paying $1879 for 3 weeks accommodation when the hotels wanted to charge me double that. Heres a link to it, I'll take pictures while I'm there so you can check it out if you decide on Thailand.
im gonna start a new review as it wont allow me to change the date of surgery or surgeons name :(


woops, appears the photos didnt load, these are photos of my embarrassing flat behind. im suppose to gain 2-4kg before the fat transfer... but putting on weight is one of my biggest fears :(
oh besties for sure !!! feels like im not doing it alone then. looks like i wont need to start a new review as the details have been changed (thanks Kirsty) ... hey i got some more information to share soon, regarding scars. ill update soon as possible
Thank you so much. sometimes i think iv done a little to much research, you can imagine the pain in the ass iv been to my poor surgeon, with my thousands of questions haha.
Hey Shorty, you now have me really thinking! Can you please confirm for me your using Pichet Rodchareon M.D. - Bangkok Plastic Surgery? I'm going to check him out too. Also (and so sorry for being a pain) can I grab your accommodation link? Are you getting excited? I'm almost counting down for you!

scar reducing

just found some recommendations for scar reducing

hydrcholloid dressings: the whole area on the dressing is adhesive so it prevents tension from the skin putting pressure on the incision line and keeps the incision close together. It uses a method of healing known as "moist healing" ... sounds dangerous but it pretty much takes the place of a scab over a wound, so the inside if the wound focuses on the mending of damaged tissue, and the body doesnt produce to much collagen in the area which contributes to keloids and larger scaring.

"Scarring is a natural process that happens when the skin repairs itself, for example from a cut or an abrasion.
They occur when the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis is cut and the injury extends to the dermis. The organism is not able to replace the destroyed, highly specialised tissue in the same way.
Instead, the wound is “repaired” with connective tissue: In order to heal this wound or injury, the body produces a larger quantity of collagen to repair the broken and damaged skin tissue. Collagen serves to ‘bind’ the broken skin together, helping to close and heal the area.
Even after the wound has healed the body continues to direct collagen to the site resulting in changes to the size and shape over time. The resulting scar does not have good blood circulation, is sometimes uneven and is less elastic.
Scars can sometimes be raised areas (hypertrophic scars) or have a sunken appearance, depending on the damage done to underlying layers of skin and tissue. Also, variations in colour are possible.
How to best treat a wound and prevent scarring Leaving wounds uncovered or using standard plasters and bandages usually leads into formation of a scab which can lead to unsightly scars. Nowadays there is a lot can you do to ensure fast and speedy recovery if you have suffered from an impairment to your skin – all thanks to new technologies and medical insights. Be smart and make the best of these scientific insights
In order for your wound to form new skin tissue, new cells need to form. Cell growth though, thrives on moist conditions! The principle aim of moist wound therapy is to create and maintain those optimal moist conditions for your skin to renew itself.

The best way to treat a wound is to keep it covered with a plaster that provides moist wound healing conditions at all times, meanwhile sealing the wound from outside bacterias with its waterproof adhesive to the skin.

It will speed up the repair of your skin.
It will prevent scabs from forming.
Because it will keep your wound supple.
Because it will reduce the risk of scarring and ensure beautiful healing.
Because it is skin friendly.
bellow iv included random cutouts from various threads regarding hydrocholloid dressings

The purpose of this information is to increase the rate of healing and minimize scar formation. Individuals who follow this program routinely heal much faster than normal, with less pain and swelling and fewer complications.
Please Begin 2 Weeks Prior to Surgery and Continue for 2-4 Weeks Afterwards.
1. Vitamin C: 500-1000 mg three times a day. Reduce the dose if you get abdominal pains or loose stools.
2. Vitamin E: 400 units daily and Lipoic Acid 100 mg three times a day. The vitamin E needs to be used cautiously and if you will be involved in a surgery where bleeding complications are an issue you might want to stop it two weeks before. So it is likely best to discuss this with your surgeon.
3. Vitamin A: 50,000 units daily (beta-carotene is not a substitute)
4. Zinc: 30 mg daily. If nauseous please decrease as this is a sign of zinc excess.
5. Citrus Bioflavonoids: 1000 mg three times a day with the vitamin C.
6. Enzymes are also recommended to reduce inflammation and tissue swelling at the surgical site. Digestive enzymes or bromelain (pineapple enzyme) also works. Take 2-3 capsules 10-30 minutes before each meal starting as soon as possible after surgery. If you have a prescription card you can use products like Ultrase MT 20 or Creon.
7. Probiotics. We use Flora Source in our office but tehre are many other good brands. Should be taken twice daily.
8. Amino Acid Supplements to Enhance Healing

(heres some forum reviews/comments regarding hydrocholloid dressings)

Hey girls,
I think many of you have seen me recommend these bandages here and there, so I thought I would start a thread on them!
As far as scar treatment, I SWEAR by hydrocolloids. That is their technicial name but they are a type of cushiony bandage where the whole surface is adhesive but doesn't stick to the wound. After my week 1 post op appointment, my PS took the steri strips off and told me about hydrocolloids... that they and silicone scar sheets are cousins but since hydrocolloids are cheaper (hospitals use them the most so they are made in bulk and thus lower prices) I bought the hydrocolloids and BOY were they fabulous!! I went out to the drug store and got them and put them on the day after my week 1 post op visit. At this point my inicisions were thin lines but they looked like incisions and not scars. I used the hydrocolloids for 3 weeks, changing every 5-7 days and at the end of the period my incisions had changed to thin scars. Then I started a regimin of raw organic shea butter on the scars (the yellow kind) because it is supposed to help hydrate the area and reduce redness and make the scars fade to natural skin color.
There are tons of different brands and off brands out there and the only real differences are the thicknesses and absorption rates. The hydrocolloids that were at my drug store (CVS) are called Johnson & Johnson Tough Pads. Four, 4x4 inch bandages come in a box for $6. I then used scissors and cut each bandage into 4 strips, so then I had 16 strips! To put the bandages on, you have to strip off the top protective layer that has the brand name printed on it, then warm the bandage in your hands (I did between my thighs, lol) until it is warm and pliable... then peel off the backing and apply to your incision site. (I used a compact mirror to see) Hold the bandage against your skin with your hand to allow adhesion to the skin for a few seconds. Then you're good. They are waterproof and cushiony and protect you from your bra band. The bandages are semi permeable to let the skin breathe but the main thing about them is that they absorb excess moisture. I have used them on cuts before and they form a little bubble over the cut and after a few days, if you take the bandage off, the cut is completely healed! Well as you an see in my albums, my scars look pretty dang fabulous! (not that I can really see them anymore as my D&F has put my scars right in my crease...but I still check them out with a compact mirror)
Like I said, I kept the bandages on for 5-7 days and changed them when they started to look a little 'linty' around the edges. Left them off for a few hours and then put them back on. I did this for 3 weeks and loved the appearance of my scars when I took them off on the end of the 3rd week.
I call these things maintenance free band-aids... The great thing about these bandages is that you can adhere them to moist/wet sites (as a replacement for steri-strips over stitches). You can use the tough pads and cut out a hole for the nipple and use them onareola incisions. They protect the wound and keep bacteria out, while providing a cushiony surface to protect you from your bra and clothes. In some of the clinical trials, it has been shown that the bandages help prevent keloids and hypertrophic scarring by keeping the incision/scar in a moist environment that promotes skin healing and rehydration.
After I took the hydrocolloid off, I started using yellow raw organic shea butter. EbonyMuscle told me that if you have an African market in your town you can buy it there, but I don't, so the cheapest place I could find was on Etsy. I saw some at Whole Foods but it was like $16 for 2oz.

"I used it last year when I was in's expensive (as you know) but a good incision dressing (imho)."


Hydrocolloids and silicone scar sheets are cousins in the same family. They are what I used and my scars turned out great. I am also using shea butter on my scars and they are fading to be even with my skin color.

My 4 year old fell and bashed his head on the driveway a few weeks ago and got a nasty, split open gusher on his upper forehead. The mom of the kid he was having a play date with is a doctor and insisted on driving home to bring back some DuoDerm bandaids. I had never heard of this stuff before. I cannot BELIEVE how well they work and how quickly and beautifully his cut healed. I've never seen anything like it. There is barely a line there now and this was very recent. Plus they are stretchy and you can almost use them like butterflies to hold the would closed. Plus they are easy and painless to take off.
I am going to ask my ps about using them for the incisions. Thanks for the post.

Well, the intersesting thing is that I am positive that people have used this type of dressing-and from the articles that I have read on the scars do heal better and smoother!! But unfortunately their forum is not kept up well, like this one is ,and I can't get to anyone who has used it and can testify their experiences. Interestingly enough, I know for a fact that duoderm is not only used for pressure ulcers-such as "bed sores". I am a nurse and I use it on my tracheostomy patients to prevent breakdown. The store on this website also sells Duoderm CGF for PS dressings.

I've used this before. It covers skin openings without unsightly or messy bandages, or dressings and tape. You can leave it on while showering - it is waterproof! It is expensive, but if you have sores on your face or arms it is so much better than anything else!

My daughter had a very infected ankle wound, so the Dr. wanted us to use these. These were a lot better than the traditional dressings we had been using. It seemed like a second skin, it wrapped well around the ankle and kept things clean and dry. The whole bandage is sticky, so you can cut it to the right size. This dressing is meant to drain away some of the infected area, and it did so. It stretches out as you take it off, so it may hurt if it is a hairy area. The other day, I had a cut on my thumb joint and didn't want to get paint in it, so I cut a piece of the DuoDERM and stuck it on. It worked great and I couldn't even really feel it, three days later i could barley see where the cut was.
So, the only downside is price. My insurance covered one box at $174. I bought this box online, including shipping, for $33.

DuoDerm is simply a miracle for wounded, irritated, raw skin. I had a bike crash that left me with painful road rash across almost my entire knee. After an emergency room visit and almost 7 days of following instructions (keeping it moist, polybacterin, nonstick bandages) there was still little improvement. A friend sent me this article [...] which essentially said, just spend the money on the best bandages you can. One DuoDerm bandage later and I was healing at 2-3x the rate. My pain and early infection immediately subsided, and within 24 hours I was back on my bike whereas before I was limping in horrible pain.
I've just looked it up and it appears that Chemist Warehouse stock these either singly for about $8 or in a packet. Well worth a shot by the sounds of it!

all stocked up

(i brought the medical supplies from an australian website which offers free shipping in australia - )

so heres what iv got in my after surgery care kit

*Vitamin C
*vitamin b6
*grape seed extract
*pure bromelain powder
-duoderm bandages x 5
-other hydrocholloid covers
-hydrogel wound filler (incase of opening incisions )
-surgical tape
-8 x surgical gloves
-arnica cream
-surgical scrub
-bandages (wraps)
-silicone bandages (scars)
-antiseptic wipes
-absorbent foams for wound healing
-irrigation water
-prep pad wipes
You would not believe this, I had the amounts saved up, and planned to have dental work, turns out my dental work is going to cost more than expected PLUS the conversion rate changed the day after we landed from 30.05 bht per 1 aud to 29.75 per 1 bht so now all I can do is wait and hope it goes back up so I have enough money for the surgery. This is very disappointing as you can imagine, especially after paying for flights and accommodation. Has anyone had this happen before? Due to the dental treatment Iv had to wait before having surgery (had 4 root canals, 14 fillings) Today I have my pre medical checkup at dr sansiris clinic, and will try to make a new appointment with dr Pichet for consult today.
Omg!! How disappointing! This happened to me as well hun my surgery ended up being a few more hundred, luckily I had my brother wire me the extra cash. Can anyone lend u money?
Also I have decided to go with dr salama as no dr wanted to do my implants with fat graft:(

Delayed in surgery 30th July is the big day

So Iv had a few issues with my dental treatment which has set my surgery dates back unfortunately. Yesterday I finally went to my consult to meet dr Sansiri, and after the consult I started thinking that perhaps the fat transfer isn't required (I'll explain why a little lower)

Today I went to meet dr Pichet, and may I say, he is quiet the character. Very bubbly. A lot of thai people (especially drivers) don't have much personality (or perhaps it's due to the language barrier) but dr Pichet makes you smile and relax. The clinic is nice, perhaps a bit dated but the operating room looks fresh and clean. The staff there are lovely and all seem very happy to work there, the place has a happy vibe.

Me and my partner went in there feeling annoyed our taxi driver ripped us off, but we both left smiling, and feeling happy. Dr Pichet offered his driver for us for whenever we required it in bangkok which was very sweet of him. so far I'm feeling VERY confident in my decision with selecting dr Pichet.

Our consult didn't go for very long, most the time was filling in paper work, but that's because I had emailed dr Pichet over 250 times (which his staff member miss take had a file with every email I had sent in it). I wasn't kidding when I said I was going to be some surgeons pain in the ass with all my questions hahahaha.

So anyway, about my own ass, I'm a very small framed girl, and upon arrival I got to feel a 400cc silicone implant, the size of it was 1.5 x size of my butt cheek, it was huge.... So obviously not the right size for me, but the texture of the implants are amazing. Euro silicon gel. I couldn't help but play with them, they feel so soft, yet firm enough to be a muscle, yet soft enough to be's very hard to explain. Say if you worked out lots and had massive gluteus, but relaxed them, that's how they feel, mushy yet firm. So on my size frame we tried a 275cc implant which is going to give a nice, natural looks. Iv decided against the major bubble butt as it's nice on some, but not on small petite athletic girls. I have the Asian shape (although I'm Caucasian) but seeing a slim Asian with a bubble butt is odd unless they are Hispanic Asian.

So small, defined, athletic is what I'm after, just a bit of shape to my figure will make me happy.

For my breast implants the implant feels a lot softer. Kind of heavy though, I'd say as heavy as my breast were when breast feeding so it's ok.
Breasts are 300cc incision in the crease, under the muscle.

Surgery takes place on 30th July, and I am soo excited and nervous.....
Anyways time for me to go and stuff my face with KFC before my lipo tommorow, take care real selfers, happy healings xoxo

(Why Iv decided not to have fat transfer aswell)

The reason I wanted the fat transfer was to fill the lower buttocks to cover the implants, but dr Sansiri explained the fat can easily leak into the implant pocket and excrude from the incision site of the implants, and as implants are a major surgery with infection risks I would prefer to reduce those risks as much as possible. He was happy to do the stem cell fat transfer on the sides of the buttock (hips area) but on the way back from my consultation I thought, what type of look am I after?

I wanted the bubble butt type look Iv seen many other girls on here want, but then I realised most of the people here are from the USA where the Kim kardashian look is desired after, but I thought to myself, do I like that look? And is that look acceptable in a country where Kim kardashian isn't as "admired" for her figure as she is in America?

I have no objections to those who admire the fat apple butt, and I think it looks great, however here in our country it's about looking toned and fit which is when you see the "side dent" as this is caused by the muscle protruding. I think being on these forums without many other Australians worried about their asses I forgot what our culture considers nice, and what I consider nice, which is athletic fit and toned, not like we eat anything we want and are blessed it goes to the right areas.

I hope I don't offend anyone with my thoughts, and please don't get me wrong, all body types are gorgeous, and i love a feminine women's figure as much as I love a toned figure. I think it all comes down the ethnicity and cultural differences, personally I think Latina looking ladies look amazing with rounded buttocks, and curvier shapes. But unfortunately as much as I wish I was (as the Latin look is gorgeous) I'm not Latin. I'm a mini little Caucasian lol.

So anyway Iv decided no fat transfer, just the Vaser liposculpture on the buttock area to contour the shape, and Vaser hi def abdomen. I feel a little annoyed with myself, as it means Iv gained weight for no reason BUT it's not all bad, as once the fat is removed from these certain areas and I go back to healthy eating I won't be having the excess fat in the areas which distort the shape of the buttocks, so it's not all bad.
Thank you sy85, I hope you are healing nicely after your BBL and the shape is looking exactly as you wished.
Hey Hun, Iv had the Vaser lipo done now, and I'm kind of glad I didn't get the fat transfer, as the Vaser is very uncomfortable, but my abs are looking pretty good so far, although very lumpy, which has me worried, but I'm only one day out, so hopefully it smooths over.

Had the Vaser sculpting done!!

So Iv had my Vaser hi def done, it's very uncomfortable. Feels like Iv done 1000 x sit-ups lol. But as this review is for dr Pichet, I won't mention much about the Vaser, as Iv been doing a separate review on that.

But today I got my Vaser bandages changed, and I got to see my shape for the first time, and it's looking good, only thing I'm a bit upset about is there's not much fat removed from my flanks, but saddlebags are gone, bit of extra skin BUT I'm sure that will all be filled out when dr Pichet does my implants.

Dr Pichet has been very sweet, even during my procedure of lipo with another doctor he's been offering me his assistance with anything I may need. I feel I'm in good hands ladies, I just hope my good gut feeling proves right in my final results!! Here's some pic of my lipo, u can kind of see the inner/outer thigh fat is gone.
Can't wait to c final results! Iv actually booked the same accommodation as u in Bangkok with Scott. Thanks so much for all this info its helped me soooo much! I can't wait to see your final results:) xx
No worries at all. Your going to love the appartment, it's got everything u could need - vacuum cleaner, dustpan, bin bags, full kitchen with equipment, toaster, coffee maker, a sewing kit, movies, rain jackets, slippers, plenty of towels and bedding... And it all looks so damn classy, with gorgeous glass coffee table. I remember looking at hotels, and for half the size of this appartment you would have to pay double, it's amazing. Views good at night, but during the day it's rig next to a slummy area, but u have a good overview of the city which is stunning. I'm glad I was able to help, and hope u love it as much as me. I can't wait to share my results aswell. Funnily enough after the Vaser hi def lipo, the thing that hurts the most is my wrist from the IV. Either than or they dropped me and broke my arm during the procedure HAHAHA. Also be careful of the taxi drivers waiting out the front....we were getting a taxi which should have been 150 bht and were paying 300-500 bht. We asked to use the meter and they changed the subject quickly, and pretend not to understand lol...sneaky buggers haha. Will u be coming for any procedures or just a holiday? As I read u decided on dr salama. I have to come back to bangkok to finish my dental work in a month or two...if I'm able to save enough money again.
Hahahah you made me laugh when you said they dropped you on your arm lol. Well Dr Veerawat was just plain rude and said that he didn't want to do the procedure because it wont look good?? I have heard he is a bit of a safe player, even with BA he doesn't like to go to large. Now salama gave me a $ 5000 discount which I was thrilled about but then I did more research and found out that he is way to aggressive with liposuction and burns girls regularly!!!! And I mean deformed burns one girl had her whole torso burned and Salama acted like it was nothing to worry about, when she got home she went to see a burn specialists and he was shocked at how bad it was!! She had an infection and she was rushed to emergency. Its just not a risk I want to take so Salama is out:(. I'm going to Thailand to have BA with lift with Dr Nond at st Louis. He is amazing and iv had liposuction and rhinoplasty with him in April this year. Last time I was in bbk the taxi drivers were ripping us off flat out! A good idea is to use your GPS on your mobile because what they do is they take the longest detours and think u have no idea. Sneaky sneaky! Thanks 4 the heads up tho. Well I'm still searching 4 a Dr to do buttocks implants with fat transfer and I'm struggling. Well I hope you update with pics as soon as your feeling well can't wait to see results. Good luck xx

Tommorow the big day

8am tommorow morning I get picked up. I'm soo fricken nervous, I hope I don't chicken out. I'm still so bruised from the lipo, I'm gonna be so sore and swollen.... Think ill beach my swollen body into bed for 4 days after surgery hahaha.

Wish me luck.... :) eeeekk I'm so scared lol.
Don't be scared babes! You've done your research you will be fine. Post op pain will be manageable, im sure you will jave plenty of pain killers. If you've gone through child birth you can go through anything;) Good luck!!! Hehehe can't wait to see!!!
how much did dr pichet chage you for the implants? cant wait to see your results!

All done

Well I did it. I didn't know pain until I felt this procedure haha.

We were picked up at 8am from our accommodation, after not eating or drinking for 7 hours. We arrived at the clinic, and instantly ushered by staff members who helped us with our daughter and bags. We were shown to our own private room, a clean spacious recovery room which a TV with cable channels, a hospital recliner bed, and a fold out sofa for relatives to sleep on.

I was taken to a bathroom, while the nurse tied my hair up in a surgical net cap, and asked me to shower and scrub using the provided pre surgical scrub. I did this as instructed aswell as urinated in a small cup for tests to be conducted, then was lead back to the recovery room were I was shown all the new implants being opened from their boxes and I signed the date and serial numbers to agree for those implants to be inserted.

My lipo experience left me with some Major bruising and pain so I explained to the nurse I was scared of the IV and after all of the nurses checked my bruised wrists and arms, they were happy to wait another half hour for me to use my numbing cream. Of I went into the surgery room. The place was clean, bright and very hi-tech with huge led UFO lights which were above the table, magnifying glass, sterilisation equipment, a stand by mini camera etc. far better than any hospital I'd been in. Plus their were about 12 nurses all ready to help out. The male aneathiologist explained his plans, which was an Iv then twilight sedation, he was so gentle, and now I see why the nurses where saying he's the best, because I barely felt a thing, and he was happy to take his time. I remember the spinal block, then rolling over while they tested cotton swabs on me until I couldn't feel a thing, then a lovely nurse who sensed my fear held my hand as I drifted of. before I knew it, it felt like only 3mins had passed while I felt some tugging in the buttock region. I assumed they hadn't started yet, but infact I was being told it's now finished, and time to roll over for my breasts to be done.

After the team help me roll over as my legs were numb and I was still asleep I remember facing the UFO led lights, then it felt as though 5 seconds had passed, and I was back in my recovery room with my family.

They gave me heaps of pain killers, and plenty of morphine but still I struggled with the pain as the epidural wore off and cried most the night. My family had left as my little girl was getting restless, despite the nurses doing their best with toys, food and songs to keep her happy. The next morning the nurses said I would have to stand, and with the amount of pain I was in, I thought no fricken way. I couldn't lift with my arms or move position, I was just stuck there. Just after being fed breakfast I first tried to stand and thought, there is no way i can do this. One small push/lift from the nurses and I was on my feet shuffling slowly. I walked out to the other nurses who were so enthusiastic and happy for me, I felt so proud of myself haha. Later during the Day I tried 3 more times, I even went to the toilet for a wee while I stood and peed lol. More pain killers and some wAlking later, the nurses ordered me lunch, one even braided my hair, and they lovingly gave my daughter cuddles. It felt like a little family atmosphere. I decided I was well enough to go home as My daughter was getting restless (she has autism), and I didn't want to be a bourdon on the staff. Besides I was walking and able to wee, so we were given medication and painkiller instructions and went home with the bangkok plastic surgery driver. A nurse came with us and assisted me up stairs and to our appartment.

On the way back I said to my partner, I can't believe this dr has a bad reputation, it doesn't seem fare. I was treated like royalty, and although I have not yet seen my butt, my breast look amazing, and feel so natural already. Everything in the clinic is personalised with the bangkok plastic surgery logo. Towels, blankets, cups. The nurses are loving, caring, and in general I would feel odd about being naked in a room of strangers but these people arnt strangers, they feel like friends you have known for ages. After reading other reviews I was expected the place to be shabby, and while some rooms may be old, the main areas such as the operation room and recovery room are very clean and modern. I'll post pics as soon as i can, here's some of the clinic recovery rooms and my lunch lol.
Wow you did it. I hope your feeling well:) I just want to ask were you able to sit in the car ride home? I feel great that you're experience was good now I know I can go with Pichet:) how does it look without the fat transfer? Is it still natural and when you bend over are they discrete? Iv seen some buttocks implants on slimmer girls like your self and I and they look pointy..... does that make sense??? Sorry not sure how to explain it. Anyway congratulations! I'm so happy for you, I cant wait till December when I get my BA and BBL with implants!!! Xxx
In all honesty, I'm trying to figre out why my swelling has been worse than anyone on these boards. Iv gained 10 kg in two days, possibly due to having Vaser lipo before augmentation, it's made the lipoed areas bruised and swollen beyond recognition, I can't even tell I have implants right now haha. I'll update my major swelling photos. Perhaps I'm allergic to morphine as I kno my mum is, might explain why the morphine didn't last long.
The cost was going to be better, as I was going to combine additional procedures at cheaper price, but I cancelled the additional cheap procedures I had bargained down and paid $3000 for breAst and $3000 for butt. Not to bad, especially considering the service I received. My breast implants are also euro silicone, and even though firm, already feel natural. Can't wait to see my butt

Swelling is bad,

I'm curious as to why my swelling is so bad. Iv gained 10kg in two days. I'm guessing it's due to not wearing my compression garment while undergoing the augmentation surgery, it's really not doing well. First pic is day after Vaser, second pic is lower legs / belly today after not wearing the garment.
Oh wow hun! That's some serious swelling! You should see the dr! I hope your ok.
Also if you have dr Pichet for the butt implants just thought I'd let ya know, he doesn't generally he drains, but I sent him a scientific study paper (which he read - which just goes to show he really is a surgeon who listens to his patients) anyway the scientist did a study regarding complications, and apparently seromas are least likely to form if drains are in place, so he placed drains as I requested for me. Dr pichets happy to listen to what you want which I think is good in a surgeon. Many are stuck in their own ways, and arnt willing to adjust, or accept new information presented to them, even if it would benefit the patients. He also leaves things up to you which is great, he gives his initial advice, and explain pros and cons of incision locations, such as under the breast there is more visibility than through armpit, so if bleeding occurs inside the pocket, the under the crease breast incision he can spot instantly, the inside the breast through the Arm pit would take time to notice. He offers the advise and leAves it up to you, his patient. He does t do any garantees with saline though, he advises against it.
Also, regarding the implants, most surgeons suggested the mentor round solid silicon, but dr Pichet uses euro silicone, they feel like soft muscle, I can stop squishing them, also they are anatomical rather than round, and whilst standing the gel firms the shape of the flute through gravity. At first I wanted round, but im glad I got the anatomical euro silicone.

Quick pics

Even through the swelling u can kind of see....what appears to be..... AN ASS. Above the ass is a cotton pad which I have to keep on which holds the cheeks together. But u can kind of see the shape.
I just found you review and really enjoyed all the great information you shared! I think you will look awesome. Swelling is normal both the lipo and implant s will cause your body to swell. Be patient, this is major surgery but you sound healthy and young and you will be fine in a few weeks. Yes it take a while. I'm almost 8 months post op but my tummy and skin still feels tight. I wish I had read about hydrocolloids 8 months ago :). Happy healing!
Sh0rty I had the same amount of swelling in my abdomen area. My surgery date was on Jul 23rd. A week into recovery the swelling is finally subsiding and i feel so much better. Good luck on your recovery huh. Get a lot of rest.
Thanks sy85. I find if I massage he areas the swelling subsides, but only for an hour. Can't wait for it to go down for good. You would be starting to feel rather good about now considering your recovery timing, how's your comfort level? Did u get the results you expected? Do you tire easy?

TMI info regarding medications dr

As mentioned previously Iv been suffering some major swelling, but I think we've figured out why Iv bloated to the size of a balloon and it also reminded me of so etching I didn't mention in my review earlier due to embarrassment, but at the end of the day it's best to share so if it happens to other girls they won't feel so alone and to embarrassed.

After my buttock implants were placed and I was out of surgery, I wasn't wearing pants or undies for obvious reasons. I had my IV line changed to administer antibiotics earlier in the morning. By the time it came time to stand, I did so while the nurses cleaned me up. Upon standing up I had white dollops of discharge drop out of me, I front of everyone in the room. I was obviously mortified, but dr Pichet was first to mention it. Apparently it was a bacterial infection (thrush) of the vagina which is caused by antibiotics which is common for women on antibiotics. So being the awesome clinic they are, they also provided me with treatment for that, so don't be alarmed if you suddenly feel leakage (like I did, I thought I'd ripped my incision), just tell the dr and they should sort you out.

Anyway, regarding the swelling, I'm still at 49kg when I should be 43kg. Iv also been suffering some major stomach upset which has resulted in very unpleasant diahrea for the last 3 days, every 3 hours. It's been full on and my tummy looks like I'm pregnant. Well after some reading last night I see it's kind of common for this to happen after surgery, and it's similar to the thrush problem, but the antibiotic cases the natural bacterias trouble in your bowel which results in...well ya know. So while at the clinic today having drains removed I was put on alternative antibiotics. Unsure if that's the cause of my upset tummy or perhaps it's because I was taking antibiotics for the lipo, and more antibiotics for the surgery, perhaps it's to much... Time will tell, and I'll keep ya all posted. Here's some pics 5 days after butt implants, still severe swelling and bruising from the lipo. Good size for me you think?
So u got ur vaser with dr sanrisi and the implants with dr pichet?how much u paid in all?dang,must be difficult sitting on a plane,with a long flight.thats one of the most scariest thing im looking forward,not the sx,lol....but i hope ur healing fast and well
Hello gurl,,,how big are ur butt implants?i see ur 5 feet,im 5'4,115 lbs,so were close,i guess,lol..hows ur booty now?im in search of good surgeons over thailand and philippines.i hope to get mine soon ...thanks xoxoxo
Hi beng. I got 275cc cohesive gel. The cohesives are awesome as they are squigy so upon standing, the cohesive acts exactly how fat and muscle act with gravity. I highly reccomend it. We just got home to australia yesterday, and its so sad to leave. I think its because its where i became a new me. They are soo worth it


Heres a picture taken just before we left bangkok. Im loving the feel of them, and arnt visible when i bend over....awesome
It was $10,000 aud all up, for vaser lipo of inner/outer and back of thighs, waist, and hi def ab muscle contouring, breast implants and buttock implants. $6000 for butt and breast implants and $4000 for vaser lipo. The plane ride is fine, just try request an empty seat next to u so u can lay on an angle, also Dr pichet provides a boppy cusion aswell. I flew thai airways and used one of their tiny pillows just under my butt (at my upper thigh) so no pressure was on the implants whenever i needed some pressure relief. The first 3 days are ur pain days (treated wuth painkillers though) the following days feel as though u have done 1000 squats, but limited pain, just a slight muscle ache.
Thank you so much for sharing all this information with us. Xxx

pic update

Iv been looking at other peoples reviews and i do think i seam to be healing alot faster than others. (Lets hope i dont gynx myself lol) I see some girls still have discomfort etc at 19days post op. Im only 12 days post of but mine seem to have no seromas, no infection, no nerve pinching, no discomfort etc (i layed on the implants when i had the drains inserted to squeeze out the fluids) and it appears to have worked. I have nearly forgotten they are implants already, the only reason i try not to sit on the too mych is i did alot when the drains where in pkace so the implants started healing latteraly towards the sides....WHICH would be ok IF i had stuck to my choice of a rounded but, but i had decided on the athletic look which means minimal filling at the sides, but it looks like i will have a bit of both look. i can squeeze my butt muscles with no discomfort at all. Implants are well hidden when bending over. My butt is slightly numb in some areas, but in general i would say iv had an extra quick recovery. Perhaps it was all the healing vitamins id been taking for a month prior to surgery, or maby it was the implant material....or the doctors skills.

I was so nervous about going to thailand, i wanted to go to US or DR to have them done as i assumed these places have more experience with butt implants, and would be masters at ass creation. I was worried that the procedure wouldnt be very popular in thailand, but i trusted my instincts, and i am soooo glad.

I notice alot of ladies gettibg infections lately, seems to be more common if fat is injected at same time as implants, which makes sense.

The incicion is still sealed with glue to prevent splitting, so it looks dark and nasty like blood as the glue is mixed with iodine, it prevents bacteria entering, stops splitting etc. Its kind of like an extra strong scab so under the glue the incision is healing. The glue dissolves over time, and by the time it finally does, the incision will be healed.

I love these eurosilicone implants, they are so soft and wobbly, perhaps thats why u can see the implant as i bend over (i had no glute and no fat to cover them, yet they are still very hidden.

Regarding the pics they are a little blurry as they are an old mirror. My lipo areas are still swollen and lumpy which is normal, but its whats creating the extra roll under my buttocks, as this area had agressive lipo done, so its a little lumpy and imflamed still. Could be up to 6 months before vaser swelling completley resolves but already some shape is forming from the swelling.

The dark blue bits are bruises. Im rather pale as its winter here, so the bruising is really obvious.

The brown dots u see in the photos are the hydrocholloid bandages iv put over the lipo incision spots, as im trying to reduce the scars. Got mtself some new nickers in thailand so used them for the photos, but as the crouch is a dark grey, i thin, they are inside out hahaha. All wells, its just for photos as i put on my compression garnents on straight after. I prob wont be able to upload all thd pics with this post, so ill do another one for more pics
You look great hun, CONGRATS!!!!!
Wow,ur after pics are amazing....u can really see a big change from before....thank u so much for i want to research more about this docs....keep rocking that booty shorty xoxo
Thanks so much beng31. It is a huge change from before, but one i so desperately wanted and got. Sadly the poor surgeon is always at the centre of hatred due to that first website review that comes up, where the transgenders vagina was to short, so the transgender community labelled him the butcher of bangkok, its so sad, because he is very skilled, and the clinic is amazing. I guess the transgender community stick together and like to be drama queens and destroy reputations. Just yesterday someone signed up to this site, simply to attack him and his patients. It really is unfortunate, so many people miss out on an amazing opportunity regarding service, result, care etc all because of some hate mongering trolls. I knew to trust those who actually have proof they have been to dr pichet, and not comments and reviews from people who join simply to discredit him....without any proof, or photos. I did my research and i saw the truth, i trusted my instinct and im sooo glad i did. Check out his facebook page bangkok plastic surgery, lots of happy patients. Follow ur instincts and u cant go wrong oxox

my amazing surgeon

It has just become apparent to me the lengths some people will go to, to damage a career of a good person and it upsets me, after seeing a friend on this website be attacked here, aswell as myself being attacked on other sites, it appears peoples opinions of this dr are accumulated through a chinese whispers method. Someone will warn you, but with no explanation other than they heard from a friend of a friend....or they "read somewhere" seems to be the most popular.

Im not a transgender, but i do know the sisters in the transgender community are very supportive of each other, which is great. But this also means if one isnt happy, they will do all they can to support each other. This includes joining many forums with no proof, no pictures, nothing but a keyboard and an opinion because "they read somewhere" one if their fellow sisters is not pleased.

*While doing my research i noticed a trend. I was warned away from dr pichet, but no one was able to provide me with personal negative experience. Simply just a "i read somewhere".

*secondly, if your currently researching dr pichet, please take note that any stories or experiences which have any relation to a travel agency such as destination beauty, or cosmedic tours, are not for dr pichet rodchareon, they are similiar named surgeons (dr pichit siriwan) who is responsible for these stories and experiences. Dr pichet rodchareon isnt, and never has been, affiliated with ANY cosmetic travel companies. even on this site under dr pichets profile is a negative story, but its not for dr pichet rodchareon, as the person mentioned destination beauty in one of their comments

*accusations of fake/photoshopped images are now the weapon of choice from hate mongering trolls. If you would like an idea of patient satisfaction, please check out the bangkok plastic surgery facebook page. With over 56,000 likes, and many happy patient photos with the amazing man himself, its obvious to see who is really the fake profiles users of these sites.

With the amount of nasty things written about such a lovely man, with an amazing team of staff, i cant understand why people would be so nasty. All i can think of is its possibly the transgender community getting revenge for the one bad experience OR jelous surgeons in thailand who are annoyyed that dr pichets prices are alot lower than theirs. What amazes me, is how dr pichet simply doesnt care LOL it doesnt bother him at all, as he still gets plenty of buisness, and for good reason. Word if mouth by real, personal experiences are alot more effective than keyboard experience.

. Dr pichet went above and beyond service for me in bangkok, even down to sorting out substitute medications during my stay as mine were illegal in bangkok. He will go out of his way to make his patient happy, and happy i was, and still am.

Please do your research, contact the doctor yourself, and have a consult to meet him in person. Soon as i met dr pichet instantly the false stories became oviously fake, and now look at me, im loving my new body. Thank you dr pichet, keep the haters hating!! Ill be back for more work :)
Can you cut the duoderm dressings into strips for smaller incisions? I like what I've read and I going to buy some for my BA. I am really prone to hypertrophic scars. Currently treating 3 hypertrophic scars on my stomach from a laproscopy last year. I'm using silicone scar sheeting, paper tape and rosehip oil but I'm willing to give everything a go as I really want to prevent hypertrophic scars from my BA!!!!
Sure, iv been cutting them, i havent actually changed them yet for my incisions as i still have the surgical glue under them, but regarding my lipo "holes" as they often leave nasty little hole scars, so i used duoderm, but stupidly pulled them off after 2 days, which took away the scab, so i had to start over again, so i cleaned them up, put duoderm over them, and keft them for 7 days. Today i changed them and there looking really good. Just a very faded pink outline of where the hole was, so im gonna keep using it. I have a hypertrophic scar on my leg, and arm, but besides these i dont have any other scars, so im not sure if im prone to them, but if you are, then definatley the hydrocholl or duoderm bandages, and i would get them in "thin" instead of extra thin, so it adds a little pressure and weight to the area and prevent the tissue from rising
Thanks for the advice!! From looking at the pictures of them I wasn't sure if they could be cut down to size or not but good to know that they can be!! How long is it safe to leave them on for??

hydrocholloid bandages

So its been around 3 weeks since my surgery. My breasts are starting to become a little firm, but im guessing this is due to lifting my daughter so often. Im trying not to, but its hard when u look after a toddler who cant walk. Anyways iv started massages of the breast to soften them up, and will try not to use my pecs as much as possible.

Iv had those hydrocholloid bandages on since leaving Thailand. The incision had glue over it at the time, but upon changing the hydro dressing, I see the glue has dissolved, and I can finally see the incision line itself. Not bad for 3 weeks, especially as the hydrocholloid bandage couldnt do much while the glue was in place. Will be interesting to watch if the incision fades. Ill keep updating so we can all see if it actually works.

My buttock incision is half still glued. the top part of incision is flaked off, the other half is still attached so I will wait for it to come off naturally before sharing photo and hydrocholloid bandage progress
Hi girl! Be careful with the lifting hun, you can get capsular contracture. You should probably not be lifting anything for about 6 weeks or so. I know it's hard not to, especially with kids but you dont want to mess up your tata's!! :)
Ahh so true, I was hoping lifting etc wouldn't contribute to CC but oviously it does, that must be why they say to take it easy. Do you have any tips on how I can reverse some of the damage of using the muscles? I was thinking maby some muscle relaxing cream (the sports stuff)... maby sleeping on my boobs to stretch the pockets out. I wonder if heat packs and massage will soften and stretch the scar tissue.... im gonna have to be really careful as I can feel the tatas getting harder by the day. Some drs say it can take 2-3 weeks for them to drop. Other surgeons say 2-3months, so I hope there just hard due to not settling..... actually funny enough, my daughter is nocturnal (lucky me lol) and she slees in my room, so we put her matress on the floor so I dont have to lift her in / out of her cot. She LOVES it hahaha.
After my ba,doc gave me a brochure on how to massage...yes at the first few weeks,its hard,as ur skin is tight,,,it will take a few months massages to stretch the skin,and to loose up the pocket,so ur body will adapt the implants,and u will feel natural...just keep the massages,,um,,if u got a hubby or partner wit u,let them do it,lol.....but yeat i lift my 8 kilos hand carry bag when i went home,8 days post op,it didnt damage my puppies,but gotta limit the lifting too....

just needing to chat...

So, I know this may spark a bit of negativity as everyones opinions are different. So with what Im about to share, I ask please dont criticise me.

So at the moment I currently have disheince. ..where the incision re-opens. Its about 1.5cm open. I want to say im aware its not a fault of the surgeon, as I had been getting the incision glue wet with each shower as I had difficulty putting the waterproof dressing on. So with the softening of the glue, combined with some heavy lifting of my daughter, AND long periods of sitting on a stool limiting circulation, it was only a matter of time before disheince occured. I sent a photo to dr pichet, who has given me a name of antibiotics to take, so it was as simple as going to my dr and requesting a prescription for the antibiotic dr pichet had suggested I start taking, aswell as a cleaning regime of wound care, he said it will be healed in no time.

Im also not "spreading" the cheeks, for example we have toddler play pens around the house I usually step over, but now I walk around, and sit on my hip to avoid pressure or spreading. The reason I want to share this with someone is.... I have just found out im pregnant, and I was pregnant during the surgeries, but I was unaware. I was due for my period around the 27th july, which was around the date of my surgeries. My period has never been on time, so when it didnt show up, I assumed it was due to the trauma I had just put my body through, so I wasnt bothered or stressed. Come August and it didnt show, plus with constant urges to eat due to intense hunger pain, aswell as vomiting, hot flushes etc, I took a test, the first said negative A week after, I got 3 positives. Im guessing the constant vomiting hasnt been helping my incision either, as it tenses all your muscles, especially when bending over a toilet bowl.

As hard of a decision it is for a women who is already a mother to do, I have decided upon termination for numerous reasons
1. The amount of drugs, morphine, antibiotics, anesthetics etc I had during that short period of time sure isnt going to be the best thing for a fetus developing.
2. My daughter requires alot of therapy and undivided attention, so at this point in time im unable to divide mothering between two littles ones.
3. I had plans I wanted to go forth with that i had put on hold during my first pregnancy, and im just managing to organise my life with my daughter aswell as go forth with my plans and im so motivated.
4. The time just doesnt feel right, I will always love any child I have BUT I feel now is not a good time, and I wouldnt be able to give the best environment or attention to a newborn.

So anyway, my issue is, how am I to have a termination with an open buttock wound? My worry is when im asleep they split it open further while spreading my legs. Plus ill have to lie on my back to have the procedure, which could make the disheince even worse. This couldnt of happened at a worse time in my life. I need to so ehow find a way to close the incision as much as possible so no matter how or what way they move me about while im asleep it wont affect the Incision. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Oh my,sorry to hear bout these all whatever that is needed....everything will be ok....xoxo
Thank you so much. Im guessing the opening of the wound is due to bloating from the pregnancy, but luckily its healing well. I go in for the procedure tommoro, then its all focus back on recovery, which by the looks of it, wont be long as the incision is closing nicely :)
I am sorry- when it rains it pours it seems! What are the odds. Your result looks great and I am sending you positive vibes to help you get thru this quandry. XOXO

Just an update

Iv been in constant contact with Dr pichet (as mentioned above he recommended antibiotics) seems the antibiotics are working well, and i followed his instructions for wound care, and the wound in healing nicely. I have the "procedure" tomorrow which im nervous about, i guess ill try and use as many steristrips as possible over the wound during the period to keep it closed.
You look great!! Your surgeon did a really good job. I'm sorry about everything happening all at once right now. I hope you are recovering well and you're doing good :)
Congrats!! you look great and glad the wound is healing nicely,
Hi, congrats on your results! You look fab! I'm sorry to hear of the difficult desicion you were also forced to make. And I hope you haven't experienced anymore healing hiccups. I really really appreciate all the info you have provided. It's very informative. I'm planning on a bbl with fat transfer with dr Pitchet. But I'm worried he may not be experienced enough in this procedure. He also quoted me such a reasonable cost I almost feel concerned the quality will be compromised to compensate for costs? Do you know if he is very experienced in bbl? I can't find any reviews on this procedure by him. I also asked him for before and afters and he only sent me one.


Hi everyone, thank-you all for the support, although i dont personally know all of you its still such a strong feeling to have the support and understanding of so many, this website and the people on it are amazing!!

So ofcourse after a little guilt im starting to move on, and i will say, im feeling great. My wound didnt suffer at all as they were very careful with it. i think the reason i had the disheince was due to the excess bloating a girl goes through during the first trimester of pregnancy putting extra tension on the skin.

I havent actually exercised for so long, im beginning to gain a fair bit of weight, and due to having the liposuction all around my thighs, its actually going directly to my butt, which im not used to, as iv never normally gained weight in my seems the more weight i gain, the bigger my butt is getting hahaha. I was after an athletic look, but ofcourse without the exercise and me "taking it easy" to assist with the wound closure i got this rather large booty i wasnt expecting, but i supposed i cant really complain. Our area is full of construction workers driving around and yesterday was my first time out and i did a walk with my little girl to the duck pond to see the new ducklings, and iv never seen so many cars with workers slow down, some whistling and beeping their horns...i mean this happened before, but i assumed it was simply due to the fact im a female, and you know...boys will be boys, but this time, instead of embarrassment i kind of felt good about myself, as i knew i had curves for the first time in my life, i felt like a real women. i had the curves that women are suppose to have, and i couldnt help but smile, its a rather strange feeling actually. Well i know my body is far from perfection, but iv always been simply straight up and down in shape, and when i gained weight, it would be in all the wrong places (saddlebags and love handles but not the butt, so i had a very odd shape when i did attempt to gain curves) but now i have the hourglass shape, and im soo happy.

im a little worried as im not sure whether its due to the Liposuction or the weight gain, but im starting to get a "cellulite" appearance under my butt which i didnt have before, but i do know i still have firm lumps on my stomach and thighs from where i had the Vaser liposuction as iv been told it can take 6 months for the true results of Vaser to be visible and the lumps to dissapear, so im hoping with some light exercises (until i can start working out again properly) and some dieting i can attempt to rid myself of the cottage cheese thighs.

My breasts: Well due to the pregnancy, my milk actually came in, as i had only ceased breast feeding 6 months prior, so my body was right on the ball, and ofcourse it caused some shape changes in my breasts. Kind of has me worried that when i do have my next child, my boobs are going to look rather funny as the nipple points downwards when my milk comes in, but it wont be forever, and as the milk is starting to dry up now, i can see my nipple slowly rising up to its normal position, so to help it, iv started using medical tape, in which i have stuck under my breast to the top of the breast so the tissue which is usually hanging down, is being lifted while the breast dries up, im hoping the lifting will assist the breast tissues in finding a new position as the breast milk dries up. I just hope the extra tension doesnt spread the incision site scarring to im using bio oil and hydrocholloid bandages on it.

Actually im kind of second guessing the hydrocholloid bandages. i will say they have been incredible during the healing period, and i did notice faster healing times with the bandages BUT in regards to scarring, i dont think it is actually helping in that department....well atleast yet anyway, I used them on my liposuction incisions, and now the scars are rather bright and unsure whether this is normal, or whether i have removed the scab when replacing the hydrocholloid bandages. Iv never scarred in a bright purple colour before,usually its white, so im hoping this colouring just means its still going through the healing phase, as i hope the scars wont be this obvious.

My Buttocks: the size is huge, possibly due to my own weight gain whilst taking things easy, i was actually worried that the butt appears to be "sagging" a little bit, but soon as i tense up my gluteus muscle i can see an instant lift in the shape of the buttocks, so its got me thinking perhaps its due to my lack of exercise that its starting to sag, so with a bit of dieting, and butt firming exercises it will look good. I can actually make each cheek "dance" which is funny, and you can see any edges of the implant at all... so im very happy.

Dr pichet and i still stay in touch often, and i plan on going back for more surgery after i save up a little money, im going to transfer the fat from just above the buttocks (flanks) to my cheeks to get rid of the "gaunt face" look, which i think will accentuate the hourglass shape i like so much.

As you can see in the images, my butt looks like its sagging a bit, but in the second photo i am tensing the cheeks, which perks it back up again. Plus as i had liposuction around the buttocks, i see the lower buttocks is now where i gain my fat, which makes the buttock look saggy, but after some exercise im sure it wont be an issue, and ill keep updating :)

its funny actually in my shadow i look like im wearing a nappy/diaper LOL. the bigger but takes a bit of getting used to. not long after the procedure i went out shopping, and at the time my buttocks was numb, i was checking out some clothing, and it wasnt until my partner pointed out to me, some poor lady was sitting behind me on a milk crete, and as my butt was numb i had no idea my butt was pretty much rubbing her face cheeks HAHAHA how embarrassing, i was soo apologetic, but it was a reality check that theres "more" to me now, and i had to be a little more conscious. And yesterday after the duck pond i walked my daughter to the store, first time iv been shopping since thailand and i was browsing in these cramp isles and knocked a whole line of kiddies $2 toys of the hook with my butt hahaha.
Great results! How many cc's? I'm almost 3 weeks post op & I can't sit down yet. Can you? I tried to sit & it felt like I'm sitting on two baseballs :(
Hi honey I've been reading your comments/post for months now. And I always said it seemed too good to be true. Did you say you were getting purple/red scarring underneath your breasts? I also has breat implants from Dr Pichet and have these scars known as keloid it's been a year and they are very obvious and stick out I also know another girl who has it. I've been looking into the buttock implants and I just wondering if you think it was really all worth it? And if maybe the stiching in the buttock could of been caused by the surgery. I was bleeding from one breast two when I arrived home to aus. You look great by the way :).
Oh and by the way how was the vaser's result? I only had implants, no fat trasfer and no lipo too thats why u can see fats accumulation on my sides especially now that its been weeks w/o workin out. I was hoping to get rid of these fats as soon as my bum heals but im a little anxious about getting lipo. Does vaser really hurt that bad? I saw your pictures when you were swollen and to be honest i was shocked. Did the swelling subside evenly?
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