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Breast Lift & Implant - Thailand Suggestions? - Thailand, TH

I'm researching undertaking a breast lift and...

I'm researching undertaking a breast lift and implant in Thailand. I have had consults with three very high profile (and extremely expensive) surgeons in Australia. I have also spoken with patients who have had work done here and in Thailand.

I would love to hear from people who have had a breast lift and implant done over there, and get recommendations for surgeons. I am looking at a high profile, under muscle implant for a full, round look.

I am currently a saggy 12F - my wire size is closer to a D, but due to sag and overall size I spill out of a 12D and need to wear a larger cup.
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Thanks beachdreams for starting this, hopefully we can both get some good advice! My research has come to a halt. Good luck x
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