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I'm looking at getting a BA overseas in Thailand....

I'm looking at getting a BA overseas in Thailand. Who has had theirs done there? Did you goto Bangkok or Phuket? Were you happy with the results. I'm after as much feedback from ladies that have had them done in Thailand. I'm about 52kg 160cm and currently an a/small b cup. Any info would be greatly appreciated :)
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Oops mine were done in bangkok
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Hi there i had mine done in thailand it was alot cheapee than australia and im really wrapped with.my results x
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Hi, and welcome to RealSelf!  I hope that some people give you some answers :).  People are more likely to see your review if you add some pictures, but it's certainly not required.  While you wait, you may want to check out the other reviews of people who've gone to Thailand (I think they're all Bangkok, but I only looked at the first fifteen or so.)

Here are the results of the search I did:  Thailand Breast Augmentation
Click on the "Reviews" tab and it'll only show you reviews.
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