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I'm a 5 ft 88 ponds Asian girl. AA cup to D cup!!...

I'm a 5 ft 88 ponds Asian girl. AA cup to D cup!! I had 280 cc round cohesive gel under the muscle, 5 weeks post op. 1st picture is 5 days post op and 2nd picture is 5 weeks post op. They are still uneven and way too big for small body like me. I’m very worry. I have tiny and look symmetry breasts before. Do you think they will be even and smaller to B cap in 6 months or I need revision?


Who did your surgery?
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You are so tiny...it does seem like those are too big for your frame. Hope you can get a revision or have them removed! Best wishes
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Hi, I've been told that it can take up to a few months for the implants to settle into place and even out. Did you have yours placed under the muscle? If so, you may need a muscle relaxer (that really helped me!!) I know it can be disheartening because you have your expectations and paid a lot of money but it may just take a little more time and patience. I'm not completely sure about the size–they may settle into something a little smaller like a C cup but if they do not get any smaller and it is important to you to be no bigger than a B, then you should talk to your surgeon about what options you have. Like Alicia1964 said, you should post this question into the doctor Q&A as well for additional advice. Best of luck to you!
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