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I'm 19 years old, I'm very petite, 45kg. Barely...

I'm 19 years old,
I'm very petite, 45kg. Barely an A cup.
Looking to go for silicone, round 375cc, high profile :)
Going to Thaliand to get my boobies in a few months! Yay!
Is there any tips you guys can give me to make it easier? I've just bought bio oil to put on them hoping it'll make them stretch easier? Or even just help prevent stretch marks anyway! Excited!
I used Bio Oil after my augmentation. I started using it before my augmentation. I have not grown any new stretch marks. good luck
I didnt need any creams and such, i broke out when i put some olive oil cream. A good pillow was my main savior! :-)

Freaking out now! :(

So I was reading a girls profile and she was saying you have to be 22 to get silicone? Is that true?
I'm only 19, and I'm getting it done in Thailand?
I really didn't want saline!! :(
hello have you ever heard about Dr Pitchet ? he does amazing breast augmentation in thailand with silicone , for 2600 dollars there is other girls who has done their breast augmentation with him

You have to be 22 years old in the US to get silicone implants. Not certain about Thailand. You may want to post this question in the Doctor Q&A. Will you have anyone traveling with you to help you with your recovery? Let us know what you find out!

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