Eyelid Surgery Gone Bad? - Thailand

Thank you for your comments. On August 27, 2010, I...

Thank you for your comments. On August 27, 2010, I had my upper and lower eyelids operated on while I was on vacation in Thailand. The pictures were taken today, day 47. I am experiencing a saggy right eye, and lid looseness in both eyes.

My question is, is this going to get better, or will I need a further operations to correct this.

Wow. Your eyes have been botched. It doesn't look normal. I'm sorry that happen to you. The surgeon was probably incompetent and inexperienced. Never do cosmetic surgery in a foregin country. They have different standards than the USA.

Have you seek advice from a qualify medical doctor? Did you get your issues resolved yet? Please post an update. Thanks.
Hey, my idiot doctor who botched my eyes was USA and board certified plastic surgeon. Country has nothing to do with it. Big money industry. That is the problem. Oh yes, and "elective" means you get whatever is dished out.

So sorry to hear about your negative experience. You may also want to post your question on our Doctor Q&A Forum, where it's more likely to be found by the doctors who post on RealSelf.

Good luck and please keep us updated. I hope things get better for you soon.

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I would not be asking for help and advise if I had this operation done in the United States.

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