Scared of Having Ear Pinning - Thailand

I am worried about having my surgery done in...

i am worried about having my surgery done in thailand i have read up on it so much so many people have their boobs but not much on otoplasty i am just worried about scaring or unevaness or WORST cauliflower ear....
Should i pay more and do it in Australia?? it cost me $1600 in bangkok or $4500 in Australia. I am booked for thailand surgery on the 23th October but i am not sure if i should wait and do it in Australia some one help me!! I talked to a doctor in Thailand and he reassure me it was an easy procedure.
Look forward to hearing your Answers!

Hi Leslie,

That's a tough question. I tend to think you should feel comfortable and happy with whatever choice you make -- nervousness is normal, but if you have serious doubts then it might be worth at least seeing a surgeon in Oz and getting a second opinion.

This RealSelfer is from the States but also went to Asia for ear surgery. You may want to get in touch with them and see if they have any advice for you.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and please keep us posted! We're here for you.

Dr Krairit

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