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Got Vi Peel 2 Days Ago

I just got a VI peel 2 days ago and my skin looks...

I just got a VI peel 2 days ago and my skin looks normal but feels tight.

I'mm a personal trainer and was askd not to exercise. Will exercise really affect the outcome of this procedure?

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did you exercise? I made the mistake of exercising after a stronger peel- it caused hyper pigmentation as the sweat forced the peeling process. I don't exercise now after any procedure until the skin is back to normal.
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It has been over 6 months since you had your treatment..did it work? Do you think it was worth it? Did you like the treatment you recieved at that dr's office?
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You can exercise all you want... Just be aware that your skin may bubble from the trapped sweat. When this happens DO NOT Pick the bubbles. The water will absorb when your body temperature cools down. Enjoy!
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My esthetician advised no exercise at all until the peel was fully complete, as she said there was a risk of blistering if the skin overheated, etc. However the instructions that came with the peel did not mention this restriction, nor did the company's website, so I did exercise the 2nd day after the peel was applied, and I was just fine.
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Exercising will not affect this peel. Just keep putting moisturizer on your face, and a 1% hydrocortisone if you have mild itching. You will start peeling on day 3 and complete by day 4 or 5. If you keep the moisturizer on your face twice to three times per day, your peel will go flawlessly. The moisturizer does a great job of hiding the dead skin as well.
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