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Results in 4 Days! - Texas, TX

Oh my gosh! Ok so I am NOT one of those paid...

Oh my gosh! Ok so I am NOT one of those paid people who writes reviews! I seriously have been using latisse for 4 days and my lashes are already just a little bit longer a little thicker (especially on the corners and the ends of my eyes) and a little darker already! I know, it seems impossible but its true! I literally have scrubbed my eyelashes 3x with makeup remover just to be sure its not leftover mascara, wetness, or a psychological placebo effect but the pictures don't lie. My Dr. says that a slight difference this quickly is not unheard of, he has had a few (just a few) other patients with small but very rapid results this early in the game. His guess is that a few of us just got a little lucky and just happened to start at the optimal time during the growth cycle of the hair follicles!

Don't use the applicators they send its a waste! Buy a little teeny tiny eyeliner brush (I bought the Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush from Target) and then drop one drop in the cap and dip the little brush in the cap and your latisse will last twice as long.

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If you are able to wear Latisse (bimatoprost solution 0.03%) at night, before going to bed, that is probably your best bet. I have been using Latisse for over a year. When my boyfriend first moved in with me, I began using Latisse in the morning before applying makeup because I wasn't ready for him to see me all naturale. (I let it dry for 15 minutes before makeup application) My lashes were still long and full, HOWEVER, I could tell my new morning routine was not giving my lashes optimal results as my nightly routine did. After a month my lashes were just a little shorter, thinner, and some fell out whenever I would remove my makeup. I thought to myself, "I am NOT going to go through the initial 16 week process all over again just because I don't want my boyfriend to see me without eye makeup!" I began my nightly routine again and...........wa lah! My lashes were back to looking fuller and longer than ever after a month. Since I was still using Latisse once a day, they did not go back to their original growth cycle prior to using the solution. The process simply wasn't AS beneficial It's up to you and your schedule whether using Latisse at night is worth your time. Just remember, not everyone who uses Latisse in the morning, before applying makeup, will see full results. Your best bet is to use it at night after removing all of your eye makeup with an oil free eye makeup remover. SEE MY REPLY TO "Shuvani" below about the eyelash growth cycle and why CONSISTENCY IS SO IMPORTANT WHEN USING LATISSE! Good luck everyone!
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I used bimatoprost for six weeks now, and I have not seen any change or growth of my lashes. How can this be? I an very disapointed.
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just wait and see. It will work, it just works slower on some people, depends on age and other factors. Did you buy genuine Latisse though? Hope you didn't buy it in one of these online knock-off shops...
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for some people it takes 6-8 weeks, all the way up to 12 weeks. do you see difference now?
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Don't get discouraged. Consistency is key. I have been using Latisse for well over a year (maybe 2 years). The process was a little frustrating initially because it took some time before I began to see any results. I began to see minimal results after 7-8 weeks of using bimatoprost solution, moderate results after a full 12 weeks and significant results after 16 weeks. Everyone is different, so I would not compare other people's results to determine whether or not your results are "normal." As long as you stick with your DAILY routine, you will see results eventually. It takes patience, but once you begin to see a difference, that is all the motivation you will need......trust me on that! I WILL SAY THIS ONCE MORE.......THE KEY TO LATISSE IS CONSISTENCY!!!!! Since I have been using Latisse for so long, my doctor said that I can now move on to the maintenance routine, meaning I can start to reduce application to every other day to maintain my long lashes. The eyelash growth cycle lasts approximately 2 weeks until the cycle is repeated. Even though I have been using Latisse for almost 2 years, my lashes will start to go back to their original growth cycle and appearance within 2 weeks if I stop using it cold turkey. Latisse is formulated to elongate the anagen phase of the eyelash growth cycle. (1 of 3 stages) CHECK OUT PART OF AN ARTICLE I JUST FOUND ONLINE. IT EXPLAINS THE 3 STAGES OF THE EYELASH GROWTH CYCLE IN A BIT MORE DETAIL: "The eyelash life cycle includes an anagen phase, a telogen phase and a catagen phase. Eyelashes grow during the anagen phase, rest in place during the telegen phase, and experience apoptosis and shed during the catagen phase.4 So, to foster enhanced eyelash growth, we must elongate the anagen phase of the eyelash life cycle.4 The entire eyelash life cycle is completed in approximately four months.5 The telogen phase is the longest phase in the cycle and the catagen phase is the shortest, lasting just 15 days.4 Most individuals have 100 to 150 eyelashes per eyelid, with an average length of 6mm per lash.4 Interestingly, each lash may be in a different stage of the life cycle at any given time. The particular timing of each phase may explain why some patients require a full eight to 12 weeks to notice significant eyelash growth after starting Latisse therapy." Good luck ladies! -Angela (Angelwings6180)
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Wow, how exciting to see results after just 4 days! You certainly are lucky, as you have probably noticed from some of the other reviews it often takes much longer than that.

Please continue to keep us updated on what you are seeing, and I would love it if you would continue to post pictures so we can watch the growth with you! :)

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