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I have not had the procedure yet my problem areas...

I have not had the procedure yet my problem areas are my tummy and inner thigh areas not sure what the best option would be for me.weightloss has been difficult no success hopefully lipo would give better results. Submitted two pics did not know how two grey out personal areas sorry.if any recmds plz let me know.

Before Procedure Lipo Pics

Added Before Lipo Pics

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Have you had any consultations yet with any doctors? Liposuction shouldn't be used as a weight loss tool, but it can definitely help with small stubborn areas. You should set up some consultations, find out what a few different doctors think and take it from there.

You can also use our Ask a Doctor feature. You submit your question, which gets sent out to board certified doctors, who will then reply with their opinion.

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

Additional Pics

This pics show closer side view of abdominal areas.

pclay74 you are sooo right!!!:)
Why do u think I have a hernia? Never said I had one.
If I was a guy and that's all I had to offer....I think this was a case of you wanting to show...I think is a penis, more hernia looking...I've had lipo, it's painful and you don't need to expose yourself to this degree to gather a before and after.
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