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I had surgery March 8, 2011, its almost been a...

I had surgery March 8, 2011, its almost been a month. I have pain and i am not like myself. If i go out to target or place to grab a to go order with fiance. My first words are, hurry lets go home. I just feel miserable, uncomfortable which was all expected, but i didn't think it would hit me this bad. The doctor stated to stop taking my pain meds. Start taking Tylenol for pain etc since they made me feel worse. The nausous pills did the same, made me feel blah!

I also had a bit of concern about my left thigh being numb near my panty line. Its only that side, i don't have numbnes with new bell button, or incision area which is nice. Its swollen a bit. Today is my first day wearing a garment. Which was hard to find. My doc. Said to get with, with no indentions or i may heal with indentions. Soooo hard to find one with no panels in the inside AND that will take care of the shaping. So i am wearing mine inside out until i see him May 4th. Its back to work for 2-4 hours next week. Glad he put if i flare/swell up i must go home!

How long will the numbness for those of you who have recently had TT? I did have the "crying stage", and my fiance would just laugh at me. Cause he'd look at me and ask "why are you crying"? I'd say "i don't know, just started crying all of a sudden. That's gone now.

It's kind of like the baby blues. Your body gets knocked out of whack and you get emotional. Listen to Kimmers. :) She knows what she's talking about.


Hold on girl!   All of these things your are feeling and experiencing are normal and part of the process.  They stink but do get easier each week. 

Everyone heals at a different pace so try not to compare yourself to others time frames.  Your body is just taking it's sweet time; as mine did!  

You could have numbness and strange feelings any where around the surgical sites.  Personally the center of my tummy is still numb one year later.  I honestly don't even notice it anymore.  I will take that over the hanging tummy any day.

Oh the tears can come on at any second without any reason at all.  All part of this crazy process.  That will also end. 

You will be happy in the end when you are all healed up and feeling normal again.  For now just do what makes you comfortable, rest when needed and listen to your body. 

Keep posting and we will all support you through this healing process. 

How do you know if you have a seroma? I think i...

How do you know if you have a seroma? I think i am just "over thinking" as i read everyones post. I have seen that people notice a "waterbed" effect in their stomach. Not sure what they mean by that. Sometimes when i push down on my upper abdomen i feel pressure underneath like something moving..maybe organs. I don't know. I see the Doctor Wednesday, but was curious to know how one would know if they have a seroma. I was flat right after surgery now its been about 8 weeks and it looks like i've gained.
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