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I recently had a full tummy tuck & lipo to the...

I recently had a full tummy tuck & lipo to the flanks with rhinoplasty exactly 3 weeks ago. Recovery has been decent, I never had any major pain, more like discomfort but then again I have a high pain threshold, I think.

I'm a mommy of 3, 29 years old... 5' 5" 125 lbs. and finally had all of my extra yucky skin removed. I can't see my full result yet because I'm still pretty swollen but I'm optimistic about it. What kills me is that I can't workout & being the gym freak that I am, I'm having major withdrawals and depression. I'm also a very anxious person when it comes to waiting for something that I really want & that being a nice firm body in a two piece bikini.

I work my butt off at the gym 4-5 days a week and I can pull off a size 2 in clothes most of the year but my biggest issue has always been my loose skin from my pregnancies. I do an unimaginable amazing job of hiding it under my clothes but at the end of the day, I'm the one (& hubby) that has to see my yucky naked body. I did this for myself and nobody else. I don't want to be perfect (ok, yes I do LOL JK!!) but I just want my body to be somewhat back to what it looked like "pre-baby". That and to wear swimwear comfortably. Seems like all of my young friends run around all summer in bikinis and I'm the frumpy mother goose with a non-stylish one piece or big sarong wrapped around my lower half.

I also had breast augmentation 4 years ago before my last child and that went great. My tummy tuck is the final touch and I can't wait to see my final outcome and finally be free as bird in the summer air!!


Hey Love just around to say hello and check to see how things are going with your tummy tuck!
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Can you tell us where you went? Seems that your procedure was reasonably priced.
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Welcome to the community.   Hang in there and things will be back to normal soon.  Try to keep your mind busy so that you don't go nuts waiting to do things.  

Here is to new bikinis and sarong burning:)

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