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It's been 14 days since my tummy tuck. I have some...

It's been 14 days since my tummy tuck. I have some concerns about how disfigured my hips and thighs look. Also belly button and pubic area seem very high. If you'll notice in my photo my scar is higher on one side . Will this get better in time? It's do depressing when I think about the money I paid for this?


Two weeks is a bit too soon to be disappointed I think. You look great. Check out your before pics when you start to feel that way. Nobody actually has a 'perfect' scar. When the swelling goes down, your scar will fall. Your clothes already look better on you. Give it some time.
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I think you look great! I was the same way. I'm 6 months PO and when I look at my earlier pics I see a huge difference in the recovery time. I was almost two months PO and I woke up one morning and looked at my belly and saw how great it looked. Up until then I was depressed about how it looked. It takes a very long time for your body to heal. I still get swelling. And the scar is the trade off for the flabby belly. I know my scar isn't compleatly straight but the gross flabby stretched out stretchmarked belly was way worse lol. Give it time. Every week gets better:)
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I think your incision looks more even in the front view, it looks fine. . From the pix I have seen it looks like everyone has some puckering on the sides which I guess goes away with time? I won't see my incision until Monday. I'm sure ill over analyze mine too. I'll post pix. Your BB still looks like is in a good anatomical spot. It doesn't look to high to me. And I think your mons is still swollen. I'm sure that in 3 mo. You will be much happier.
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