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I'm so excited To start my summer out with a...

I'm so excited To start my summer out with a "Bang"! I'm just starting to read blogs plus what to expect before and after my TT. I started a diet on Sat. Feb. 16th, My Dr. told me that I would get better results if I would drop about 20lbs. I am 5 '6 and approx. 206 lbs so I'm definitely going to loose this weight! Plus I have a bet going on with my husband, if I can get to 180lbs by May 23 (my pre op appt. day) I can paint our bedroom what ever color I want and buy a new bed or if he wins he gets Nitrous for his camaro he leaves in the garage with a cover over it. That means he never drives it!

I love being outside by my pool so that means I want that bikini body back like I had 10 yrs ago. I love being in cross fit and I love to eat! So I have to start making better choices when I eat.
I'm also super excited because I'm getting the smart lipo on my hips, back and arms. I absolutely hate my big "manly" arms.


Good luck!!! I have my surgery on May 24 my pre-op is May 9 and I am so counting down LOL..I started juicing and that's really help me drop some of the weight. I started at 230 and now I am at 206 Good luck can't wait to hear about your journey
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Welcome to the community:)

The closer you are to your ideal weight the better the results.  You can do this so stay focused and charge ahead.  You will love having a flat tummy!!

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I was told the same thing as well. . I'm 5'6 and weigh 190 I need to lose 20lbs as well. . What are some of the things that you are doing to lose the weight. . I haven't scheduled my tt yet bc I'm interviewing doc right now. .
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Well I'm really working hard to loose some weight...

Well I'm really working hard to loose some weight before the big day (June 7)
I'm pretty proud I've been eating a ton of protein, drinking water only and exercising.
I know it's still pretty early but I need some advice on what to eat post surgery, where to sleep, just things I need to know once I get home from my surgery on June 7th.


You too I will check back with you on post op. I would love to hear on how things are going after your surgery on May 24
Awesome I can't wait to hear about your experience
Hi there! I started eating more protein than ever! I'm also doing cross fit 3x a week. Just trying to drink water and nothing else

I have lost 11 pounds in a month. I am a little...

I have lost 11 pounds in a month. I am a little disappointed but hey I won't complain. I'm hoping to loose at least 20-30 more by my surgery. It's been tough but I am not going to give up! I sure have enjoyed reading all y'all's stories.

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