Radiesse Redness and Swelling for Undereye Circles a Disaster

I have dark circles under my eyes and am always...

I have dark circles under my eyes and am always asked if I'm tired. Friday I went to a doctor that said she could take care of it with Radiesse by injecting the hollow under my eye which would also pick up my cheeks and make the parenthesis wrinkles around my mouth better.

She commented that my skin was very thin and there was not much room above my cheekbones to inject. She said usually she only has to make one injection but for me she had to make 4-5 and open an extra box because I required so much.

I have horrible bruising and swelling around my eyes and will have to use sick days to stay home. She just called in prednisone. Does anyone have suggestions?

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Should not have performed the procedure on me.

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My Doctor was Dr. Elise Mashel and she is in Scottsdale, AZ. having a great time injecting Radiesse under peoples eyes, collecting thier money and leaving me STILL disfigured with a teabag under my eye 15 months later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oooh these docs make me mad!! What can we as their ruined patients do??? I wish i were a lawyer....
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who's your doctor? i will avoid her.
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I was told that radiesse is for deep tissue area. It got it's bad name because people are injecting it too superficially into wrong areas on face. I had it in my cheeks and the doc went deep. I almost feel like he went into the muscle. I had great result. I am not sure if this is the product for undereye area. I hope it would dissolve after 9 months to one year like they said it would for your sake!
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Yea, me too. 6 months later, swollen, bruised, itch! What is in this product that causes this reaction? Does any body know, because one thing for sure, the company Bio Form won't tell you.
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That sounds like a lot of Product! Radiesse is NOT recommended for the undereye area. I sure hope you have better luck than I did, I had only 3/4 of ONE syringe that left a Tea-bag size lump under my eye, that is still there 10 months later! It has been a nightmare. As you do further research, you will see some very sad situations others have had with Radiesse under the eyes. Good Luck!
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