Acne Scars - Pixel Post Treatment Worry

I just had my Pixel treatment yesterday.I was told...

I just had my Pixel treatment yesterday.

I was told downtime is only 2 days. Today i woke up with burnt marks on my skin and my face is red all over. The pixelated marks are very visible and i doubt i can go to work on Monday looking like this.

The reason i did the treatment was to smoothen my acne scars. I have terrible acne as a teen and the scars are visible.

When will the burn mark start to peel? Is this normal? I am asian, and i am afraid it will be different for my skin. Please help...


Hey there just checking in to see how your final results turned out. 

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I had pixel resurfacing done the previous Saturday and today is Wednesday. I had a similar experience with you. I woke up with a hella swollen and purple face Sunday. I was very concerned that I had horribly disfigured myself. I stayed home from work Monday, although I did do as my specialist advised and stayed upright for the swelling to go down. That worked. My face started peeling yesterday and today it has peeled some more but I think I have until Friday before it's all peeled off. I am gently allowing it to peel - not forcing it with the cleanser. It should get better but I understand the worry - our face is our face, after all.
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I am still waiting to see the results. Once i am satisfied with the final results, i will state otherwise.

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