Forehead Swollen After a Year Since Eyebrows - Texas

Ok over a year ago, I got my eyebrows done and at...

Ok over a year ago, I got my eyebrows done and at first my eyebrow was swollen, then now my forehead seems to be getting swollen a little. I'm a hair stylist and since I've ahve these brows I've been alleric to hair and make-up. I'm dreading this because I cant be creative as a hair stylist.

I would tell you please dont do it. high risk.. I really need help..... I dont know what to put on my skin.. when I wash my face , my forehead gets really shiny round circular lesions then burn a little. I'm african american and 32yrd old .. Lord please help...This has changed my whole life..It like I have inflammation in my forehead..


I got my eyebrows tated over a year ago and no reaction. Now I have swelling around my eyebrows it comes and goes.
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Hi Stacy, 

Oh my, I'm so sorry. It sounds like maybe you are having an allergic reaction to the ink and they possibly went to far into the skin and created some sort of scar. I would suggest going to see a dermatologist asap. Please, please keep us updated. 

Thank you,


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