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Hello ladies a little about myself im a 37yo with...

hello ladies a little about myself im a 37yo with 3 beautiful kids my son is 2yrs.I always been a shapely girl after the last baby my butt did a transformation for the worst(lol)my boyfriend always talking bout my butt he want it big like the girls he see in the strip joints and videos.I feel uncomfortable with my body i dont even club no more i juss sit in the house when im not at work.I want to look real nice to boost of my self confidence its hard when i see my man look at other woman with big breast and big butts.I contacted Dr.Salama bt i dont believe he can do all the surgeries at one time.Do any of you beautiful ladies know any doctors that will perform all i want done at once it will cost me more money to split up these hoping to have this surgery done as soon as i find a good dr i also will be posting my before &after pics,im also looking into rooms bt thay are high as hell(lol)anyone know a reasonable room since my stay will be @ least 9 days so yall please help me out!!!

Dr Kenneth Hughes he will do them all together because he is doing all of mine together its a bbl,tt, and ba so look into him he is here on real self but he is in california. I am going to be taking the train out there because the train has bedrooms on in so that way i can sleep, recover, and rest on my way back home i wont be getting my surgery done until may of 2015.
Did you pay only $8000 for all 3 tt, bbl, ba amd what dr did you choose?
I had the BL/ BA/ and full TT. I just ask that you be sure your doing this for you. Well at least for the most Recovery honestly from just what I did was 10 days to feeling human and now at 2 1/2 months out I finally feel like myself. and I am no wimp believe me... I'm glad your on here.. WE ALL need support!!
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