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I had my first MiraDry treatment on level 3 about...

I had my first MiraDry treatment on level 3 about a week ago, and the initial result was amazing. NO sweating whatsoever for the first four days. But the fourth day after treatment, the sweating has returned. Granted, it seems to be partially reduced, but it's definitely back -- and that has me somewhat frustrated.

I realize I need to be patient -- and I will indeed wait until after the second treatment to reserve judgement. But I'd love to hear if this has happened to anyone else -- and what I can expect going forward. If I went from no sweat to increasing sweat, will this continue going forward? And should I insist that the next procedure be on level 4?

Note, however, that I had limited swelling and bruising -- so I guess that's the plus side for me. ;-)


I had two treatments done last year and while my sweating has been reduced quite a bit, it's not entirely gone unfortunately. What helps to "make up" for that is the odor is gone and that was huge for me! Although not entirely dry, still pleased I had it done!
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Sigh. Odor was never a problem for me -- or rather it was easily controlled with deoderant. We'll see... Maybe I'm just one of the rare people that this doesn't actually help. I've still got some healing to do, as there's quite a bit of tenderness. But maybe the second treatment will do the trick. I sure hope so...

Sorry to hear that you did not have lasting results.  Another community member talks about a similar experience in this review:

One Treatment Not Sufficient

Please keep us posted as to how you are doing between now and your next treatment.

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Well it's been almost two weeks since the...

Well it's been almost two weeks since the procedure, and not a whole lot has changed. I still experience significant sweating, particularly in the morning for some reason.

And I'm surprised that I still have quite a bit of tenderness and a considerable bit of "lumpiness." And, both armpits have an area that's still numb.

It's somehow expected, I guess. I'd love to know if other people have had similar experiences - or if I'm the "lucky" one.


Hi, I'm a male, age 40's, and have always been a huge pit sweater. I had first procedure done approx. Jan 2013, with follow-up procedure due pretty soon. I can say, on the first procedure, the machine setting was "up there" - and it was not a "walk in the park". There was some pain, and burning, at times, and numbing shots were needed as we went along. Swelling was bad for a couple of weeks. BUT - I am happy to report, even after the first treatment only, I would have to say I have 99% reduction. I would say, as of today, I am 60-70 days post-procedure, and all the pain, numbing, etc. has gone away and my arms and armpits feel perfectly normal. Except for, of course, I don't sweat in my pits. I still use a normal spray on, but probably more out of habit than anything else. Moral of the story - the device works by killing sweat glands with microwave energy. The higher the setting, the more those glands get cooked, and killed for good. Simple as that. I'd push for a 2nd treatment, and have them UP the machine setting, as far as they will allow. Understand, this means more pain during the procedure, and longer recovery time, etc. But its the old "no pain, no gain" thing. Or in this case, "no pain, no loss of sweat". Best of luck to you and everyone else.

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Hi, I've only had 1 treatment so far and it's been a little over a month for me. I had mine on a level 1 (what they recommended). The first 1-2 weeks after treatment I hardly sweated at all but it is also returning for me too. They told me at the office to expect this though and that after the second treatment that I should have no worries. After reading a couple other reviews now though I'm not so sure. Be sure to ask next time you go in if it doesn't work if they'll let you come back for a third treatment. My arms were lumpy mainly and a little sore up until about 3 days ago (so a month post procedure). The bruises and swelling have all gone away now. I'm just left with some sweating still :\ granted better than it was before treatment. I think I'll do my next treatment on a level 5 though.
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