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I have lines above my upper lip that make me think...

I have lines above my upper lip that make me think I look old(er). When I went to the doctor's office it was recommended that I get injections along my lip line to soften the lines. I decided to try it and I am very happy with the result.

Getting an injection in your lip is going to be painful even with a topical. Some people are more sensitive than others. The pain was very temporary. The lines are still there but not nearly as noticable to me. I feel like the calendar has gone back at least five years. I was told that there could be bruising and swelling so I was prepared for that. No one at my office even noticed the next day so it could not have been that bad. I had this procedure to please myself and I am much happier with what I see in the mirror now. Even with the initial pain, swelling, and bruises I will do this again as needed.

Hi JL,

So so happy you posted a review. Also, I'm very glad your procedure went so well and you feel better about your lips. How great that you had such minor bruising and swelling. We would love to see pictures if you are comfortable.

Thanks so much for the review,


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