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Juvaderm Lip Injections - No Noticeable Change Not Happy - Texas

Juvaderm or bad doctor help! Had 1 full 1c.c....

juvaderm or bad doctor help! Had 1 full 1c.c. juvaderm injected into lips,and 1 c.c into smile lines and botox to forhead 2 days ago.They lips looked allright right afterwards but i think they appeared swollen instead of bigger. Next morning i noticed the bridge between my top lip and nose looks puffy like 2 lines coming down from nostrils connecting to the lip and i can see no real difference in my lips they look the same as before i had the juvaderm. I am wondering if this is normal or if the swollen lines i have are actually the juvaderm gone to the wrong spot. Has this happened to anyone and should i go back to te surgeon? I am not happy at all and I spent 1550.

According to someone who had a related question, swelling peaks at around 48 hours post-op. (I guess that's the "good" news?) So it's possibly still swelling.

Please also consider posting your question on our Doctor Q&A forum. They'll be able to tell you if this is normal swelling or a bad reaction.

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